Recruiting with quizzes & personality tests

recruiting with quizzes and personality tests

… and Snapchat, apparently.

In the past, all it took to find a job was a résumé, a few good references, and saying the right stuff during an interview. But more and more would-be workers are finding that it is no longer the case. Today, job seekers need to do a lot more than just submit their résumé if they want to apply for a position.

Here’s the thing: a résumé is basically a simple list of skills. It doesn’t say a lot about the at-work abilities of an individual. Yet organizations need to make sure that they pick the right candidate. Besides, it’s getting increasingly hard to find the right profiles in today’s labour market. So recruitment processes become more innovative as firms redouble their efforts to try to stand out.

It’s a match!

That is why we have seen a lot of new recruitment techniques popping up recently. This is especially true when it comes to reaching millennials. Apparently, using new platforms and social media as recruitment tools is now a thing. Look at these two examples:

Looking for an intern with some Snapchat skillz

The food-ordering enterprise GrubHub used Snapchat to hunt summer interns.

Mobile agency's profiles on Tinder

And the mobile agency Fetch found theirs on Tinder. Yeah, THAT Tinder.

But what happens when the people you’re trying to reach aren’t these 18-24 who love geofilters and swipe left or right all day long? In the same way gamification can serve serious purposes, quizzes and personality tests may be useful for improving your recruitment. That kind of interactive content can indeed participate in promoting a positive image of your company and make your target want to apply for the job. Moreover, quizzes and personality tests can be crucial to help you assess if your business’ needs and the applicant’s expectations can meet.

This is where quizzes & personality tests come in

Personality tests have long been used in recruitment. They are aimed at assessing behaviors and look at personality traits that can indicate aptitude for a job. There is usually no “right” or “wrong” answer, but the potential employee’s replies might suggest whether they have the characteristics that do or don’t line up with what the organization is looking for.

While this type of test can certainly say a lot about whether the individual is suitable for the position, it is mainly about the search for a strong cultural fit. For instance, a question such as “What would you do if a group of people you don’t know asked you to join them for a soccer game?” can be a pretty good indicator of the team spirit or sociability of the candidate.

In a similar approach, applicants could also be presented with a quiz. Questions can range from general knowledge of the sector to expected questions such as “Why do you want the job?” or “Describe your interest towards the product”. But you can also add some more surprising questions or switch formats: multiple choice, ranking, clickable images etc. The sky is the limit!

Sibelga’s “IT Hero” recruiting campaign

As an example, let’s have a look at the “IT Hero” campaign created by Sibelga, Brussels’ distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas.

Sibelga's recruiting campaign: Are you an IT Hero?

The firm was looking to hire several computer engineers to strengthen their IT team. Unfortunately, this type of specialized profile is particularly hard to find right now, regardless of the country. In an attempt to attract more potential employees, the enterprise decided to launch a contest. Using Qualifio, they created a timed quiz with about fifteen questions about computer science, hoping to fill the positions. The applicants also had to fill in a form and upload their résumé at the end of the questionnaire, so the company could collect and retrieve all the participants’ data.

recruiting IT graduates with contests

In addition, Sibelga got media coverage for being so creative.


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