What can Qualifio help you with?

Deliver unique and original interactive experiences to make a difference and foster recurrent interactions.

Differentiate your brand with interactive content

Attract prospects and customers with engaging quizzes, contests, polls, games and over 50 other interactive formats. Create once, then deliver your message on multiple channels (website, email, social media, pop-up, mobile apps, etc.) and get all the qualitative insights you need in one place.

Enrich by collecting first- and zero-party data

Collect accurate and actionable data via interactive content. That way, you’ll be able to enrich your customer knowledge and deliver segment-based offers and customised communications. Then, leverage a data-driven marketing strategy by feeding the data collected into your existing marketing tools (CRM, CDP, DMP).

Foster recurrent interactions with a program that stands out

Reward customers for all types of interactions they have with your brand, like taking part in a poll, following your Facebook and Instagram pages or subscribing to your newsletter. Set up your own rules for earning points and go a step further by using audience segments to deliver more relevant communications and rewards.


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“With Qualifio, we can address two objectives: firstly, to increase the number of contacts we have in our database and, secondly, to work on improving the quality of these contacts. When we launched the data capture program, we were at 0 contacts in our CRM. Today, in Italy, where we started the first pilot program, more than 50% of the contacts come from Qualifio.”

Pasquale Egione

Consumer Engagement Program Manager

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