Connect with your audience

Engage your audience with interactive marketing campaigns while collecting data!


Choose from more than 50 interactive formats

We offer a catalogue with 50+ interactive formats (including quizzes, polls, contests, games, and more) that enable you to create unique interactive marketing campaigns in minutes, with no technical skills required.

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What Qualifio interactive campaigns bring to the table

Interactive marketing campaigns offer your audience a valuable experience in exchange for their engagement with your brand and the data they share with you.

Improve your brand awareness with engaging quizzes, contests, polls and more than 50 interactive formats.

Get to know your audience members by collecting their first- and zero-party data with a GDPR-compliant platform.

Boost your sales by converting your visitors into customers with high-conversion campaigns published on your website.

Leverage a data-driven marketing strategy by feeding customer data from your campaigns to your marketing tools.

Your interactive marketing campaign, ready in a few steps

Create and launch your campaign in no time and start reaping the benefits.


Choose from over 50 interactive formats to create engaging campaigns. No technical or coding skills are required.



Embed your campaign into your website or mobile app, share it on social media or via email, or build a dedicated minisite for it.



Engage your audience with your brand and collect their first- and zero-party data in a GDPR compliant manner.



Visualise and extract campaign participation data and campaign statistics in real time.



Feed your marketing and data tools with campaign participation data to enhance your audience segmentation and monetisation, and the personalisation of your communications.

Create once and deliver anywhere

Maximise the reach of your campaign by publishing it on all your digital channels.


Embed your campaign on your website or blog by copying the HTML iframe or JavaScript code.


Create your minisite from scratch! Customise the URL and publish your campaigns on your domain or subdomain.

Social media

Share your campaign on Facebook, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, TikTok or X. And with our social sharing options, it’s easy to grow your audiences!

Mobile app

Show your interactive campaigns in your mobile app to provide a unique user experience.

Display ads

Spread your message across ad formats on your media and through programmatic buying.


Promote your campaigns via email to boost your CTR. Pre-fill forms with information you already know about your subscribers.


Promote your interactive campaigns via website pop-ups created in minutes thanks to our design-friendly editor.

QR codes

Use the QR codes automatically generated by Qualifio to promote your campaigns.

Enjoy the freedom of full customisation

Build your campaign in more than 45 languages.

Customise your campaign’s layout, from header to footer, with our intuitive campaign builder to fit your brand.

Use campaign templates from our library or create and manage your own templates.

No coding skills are needed to achieve high-end campaign designs, but you can take full control of them with custom CSS, HTML, or JavaScript.

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