Foster recurrent interactions with your audience

Enrich your data profiles through reward programs designed to incentivise and engage loyal customers.

Build meaningful relationships with your audience

Create the perfect place to connect with your audience members time and again.

Engage your audience with your brand by publishing your Qualifio interactive campaigns in your reward programs, accessible via SSO.

Encourage members to engage with the program by establishing a currency that they can collect through their interactions with it, as well as a level system.

Create a reward program your way, defining rules for your members to earn your points and exchange them for rewards.

Reward your most engaged members with attractive prizes in exchange for their accumulated points.

Boost your sales by driving traffic from your reward program to your website or e-commerce site.

Increase brand awareness by matching your brand’s identity with a fully customised member portal – no technical skills required.

Define your earning rules

Your reward program, your rules! Choose from multiple ways in which your audience can earn your points (earning rules), based on different interactions between individuals and your program:

Participation in your Qualifio interactive campaigns

Leverage your reward program to engage your audience with your brand recurrently and to continuously collect their data via Qualifio interactive campaigns, including quizzes, contests, games, and more.


Purchases on your e-commerce site

Incentivise purchases on your e-commerce site by awarding your members points for their transactions, based on criteria such as total amount spent, item quantity, or shipping costs.


Specific events to your reward program

Reward your members throughout their journey with your program. Hand out points when they first register for it, when their birthday comes, for each occasion they return to the program, or when they reach a new level.


Basic custom events

Attribute points to events of your choice using a predefined set of options. These include newsletter subscription, app download, website visits, profile completion, video viewing, and others.


Don’t forget about your burning rules

Burning rules are similar to the earning rules, but instead of defining how members earn points, you determine:

  • The number of points members need to redeem a reward.
  • How members can use their points to obtain rewards.
  • The number of rewards available in your reward program.

Set up your program’s rewards

Offer your members attractive rewards in exchange for their points. They’ll feel encouraged to interact with your program repeatedly to earn enough points to collect their favourite rewards.

No one knows your audience better than you do, so make sure your rewards keep your program members on their toes! These can be anything from free access to your platform to coupons, samples, your products, or those of your partners. You can even set exclusive content and campaigns as rewards.


Establish a level system

Increase interactions between your program and members by encouraging them to climb a system of levels with increasingly attractive benefits. Define the number of points your members will need to reach each level and reward their progress.

The more a member interacts with your program, the more points they will earn and the closer they will get to their next level. This way, levels allow you to reward your program members differently depending on their engagement with your brand.

Customise without worry

Qualifio’s reward programs can be set up in fully customisable member portals.

Create your member portal in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

Name your currencies (yes, you can have more than one!) and levels, and give them a visual identity.

Customise the look and feel of your member portal, deciding what members will see when they log in.

Easily manage your portal using our drag-and-drop interface, multiple block types, and widgets – no technical skills needed.

Explore Qualifio’s reward programs

Discover how reward programs can bring your audience closer than ever to your brand.



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