What can Qualifio help you with?

With customers’ expectations and preferences constantly changing, deliver unique and personalised experiences to build customer loyalty.

Launch engaging quizzes, contests, polls and over 50 other interactive formats across all your channels and accompany customers throughout their entire journey. Reward participants with e-coupons that can be redeemed for a discount when purchasing specific products, both online or offline.

Personalise and convert thanks to first- and zero-party data collection

Firstly, improve customer knowledge thanks to accurate data collected via interactive content. Then, use these insights to deliver segment-based offers and customised communications, like product recommendations. Finally, feed your marketing tools (CRM, CDP, DMP) with customer data and leverage a data-driven marketing strategy.

Nurture customer loyalty with a program that stands out

Reward customers for all types of interactions they have with your brand, like taking part in a contest, following your Facebook and Instagram pages or subscribing to your newsletter. Next to that, incentivise purchases on your e-commerce and give points based on more than ten criteria: total amount, shipping cost, basket, quantity, etc.


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“We immediately see the impact on our traffic when we launch an action with Qualifio, reaching up to 50% increase. And we see the same trend with our newsletter. Our email click-through rate, including Qualifio campaigns, is around 20%, compared to the usual 4%.”

Oriol Ristol

Head of Digital Marketing

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“Every time we launch a campaign with Qualifio, we see a peak in terms of traffic, and our ads are performing better. This is because Qualifio brings value to our campaigns. In addition, the stats available in the platform enable us to be flexible and adapt everything in real-time, even if the campaign is live.”

Leanne De Jong

Content coordinator

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“We try to make campaigns that are out of the ordinary and to communicate as much as possible with our target audience. The games created with Qualifio every month help us in this process. We convert 10% of new leads coming from Qualifio into buyers.”

Coralie Debrichy

CRM coordinator

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