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A set of add-ons to improve your data collection efforts and unlock new audience engagement and enrichment opportunities.

Gamify your marketing with advanced formats

Expand your campaign possibilities with our Advanced Formats add-on!

The Advanced Formats add-on offers a series of strong arcade and skill games designed to enhance your audience engagement, create brand stickiness, and stand out from your competitors. We provide you with several game templates and assets to help you create gamified campaigns that will take your marketing efforts to the next level. This is done without any technical skills and with the help of our intuitive game editor.

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Discover the power of gamification and Qualifio’s Advanced Formats.



Olympics marketing campaigns: how to use interactivity to connect with your community

Joséphine Pollet



Expand your campaign possibilities with our advanced formats

Anastasia Babatzikis

Banner-2023 Product Update


Product update: discover what’s new in Qualifio!

Braulio Agredano Fernández

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