5 plugins selected by our webdesigners

A selection of plugins used every day by our webdesigners Gilles & Nico that should make your life easier


It’s a plugin that draws out a ruler to check the width, height or alignement of any element on a webpage.


It’s an add-on that help you with color related tasks such as a color selector (eye-dropper) that gives you the color code of any element on a webpage. When you click on the element the color code is copied automatically.

URL to QR code

Plugin that generates a QR code from the current tab’s URL or selected text. It is very handy for quickly opening a webpage on a smartphone or a tablet: you don’t need to enter the url manually on your device. It’s useful to test the display of your Qualifio campaigns (contests) on mobile device, for example.

If you don’t have a QR code reader yet, you can upload these applications, for example :


It gives you the font of any text in one click.


For CSS experts it’s the tool you need to have check HTML, class and ID elements. Its has also some other nice feature such live editing CSS properties so you can directly the results.


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