Target your Facebook ads to your engaged community

When your goal is to target the largest audience at the lowest cost possible, Facebook ads can be a magical tool to advertise. However, targeting a qualified audience for B2B lead generation is a real challenge!

Thanks to special features such as the Facebook Pixel, the Custom Audience and the Lookalike Audience you can start building a very qualified targeting for your ads and finally generate a real ROI.

How does it work?

How can you target your engaged customers?

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel you can create Custom Audiences. Let’s say you want to retarget all people who have visited your website in the past month. In order to do this, you have to insert your pixel on the pages of your website, as explained here. When someone visits your website the pixel will automatically check if they are logged in on Facebook and collect its Facebook ID.

At Qualifio we love to have fun by creating quizzes for our target audience, it’s a fun way to generate leads and opt-ins. Let’s say we insert the Facebook Pixel on the Social Media Quiz. Thanks to it we’ll grab all Facebook ID’s of people potentially interested in Social Networks.
If you want the custom audience to be even more qualified, we thought about including the Facebook pixel only in the exit screen of our quiz to collect only the id’s of those who went through the entire process. Let’s remind here that we focus on quality over quantity!

By doing this we’ve seen significant results in our Facebook Ads Manager, in terms of clicks, engagement and of course.. reach!

Can I go further?

But that’s just the first step, and it would be too easy if we stopped right here. Everything we have done so far is to target people we know are interested in what we have to say. Yet they say magic happens when step outside your comfort zone.

Of course it is interesting to target the profiles of this Custom Audience, but in a way those profiles have already been acquired. What we want to achieve is growth. And in order to do this, we use another Facebook feature called the “Lookalike Audiences“. Thanks to this feature Facebook will automatically, based on the Custom Audience, display your ads to similar profiles.

Engagement is key

The key here is to find where your engaged community is. They already like your Facebook page ? Great! Just target them easily and create your Lookalike Audiences based on your existing community.
In our case, it is the creation of quizzes such as the #BeTech (a hashtag that unites the Belgian tech community) or the Tech Memory Game that we’ve seen the most engagement with a very qualified audience. By creating those quizzes and games we had to chance to create engagement with our target audience, collect leads & optins AND at the same time qualify our Facebook ads targeting.


What is Qualifio?

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