Tutorial: Create a “Who am I?” game based on a blurred image

There are many ready-to-use Qualifio campaign formats. But beyond their standard use and with a little imagination and creativity, it is often possible to think of new games. For example, did you know you can create a “Who am I?” game based on a simple quiz and a blurred image? Read on.

The concept

With the “Who am I?” game, your audience can try and guess who’s behind a blurred image. As one goes along (every day or every week, for example), the image gets clearer in order to facilitate game play.

The main interest here is that this format allows you to retain your audience and bring them back on your channels on a regular basis. In this sense, it is a bit like the Advent calendars.

Need an example?

Blurred image 12


1.“I am a world-famous football player.” (e.g. day 1 or week 1)
2. “I climbed the ladder until I became one of the best players in Europe.”
3. “My coach is Zinédine Zidane, as I play at Real Madrid.”
4. “I am Portuguese and I’ve won at least one Ballon d’Or.”
5. And so on…

Each step obviously needs to be accompanied by an image that is more or less blurred, as shown in the example above.

Tip: You don’t have a graphic editor such as Photoshop? No problem. In order to easily blur an image, use an online photo editor like LunaPic, which allows you to freely adjust the blurring of an image.


  1. Create a new campaign and select the “classic quiz” type, whether anonymous or identified;
  2. Start your campaign creation and create a new memo field question with text matching feature;
  3. Enter the question as well as the reference text (that is, the correct answer) and the expected matching level;
  4. Choose the “Image” illustration type and upload your file (namely a blurred or pixelated image that is meant to illustrate the correct answer);
  5. Schedule your question so that it only shows in a specific timeframe (e.g. on the first day or the first week of your campaign);
  6. Repeat the operation (with both a new question and a new illustration) for each publishing timeframe.

And the trick is done!


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