How brands are reacting to Pokemon Go

Fifteen years later, Pokemon is back! And they are literally everywhere. You don’t need more than 10-minute walk in any city of the world to find Pokemon hunters. Pokemon Go has quickly topped Twitter’s daily users. But how did the brands react to this huge buzz?

Of course, brands have to answer and play with such events, they are used to it. But there’s a danger, a cheesy reaction without creativity could become a very bad buzz, with other members of the marketing community treating you like a loser. Even without the bad buzz, you won’t be the only one to try so you will have to succeed in being seen. As you probably know it, the easiest concepts are often the most powerful ones.

Let’s first notice that all sectors can enjoy a phenomenon like Pokemon Go (yes, even banks…)

pokemon brand bank

Simplicity and efficiency:

User-generated content :

Pokemon Go is based on geolocation, it’s pretty obvious that local business had to play with it.

PokemonGO-CommunityPokemon-go local business
pokemon go street sign marketing


The official account of the French Football Stadium plays with the fact that a Pikachu has been seen next to the stadium. They have launched a contest where participants had simply to post a screenshot of the Pikachu in front of the stadium.

pokemon stade français paris

And Yelp, whose business is already based on geolocalisation, didn’t miss this occasion by adding a new tag “pokestop“ in their search filters:

GIF PokeStop yelp

The media have contributed a lot to this worldwide craziness by sharing video of players and crazy stories.
In Belgium, the newspaper Le Soir decided to offer a free one-month subscription to those who come by the pokestop located in front of their office in Brussels.

le soir pokemon

On the side of AD.NL, instead of creating one more article about the pokemon history, they decided to create a great quiz to learn or remember all things Pokemon-related (gamification is everywhere…)


And why not using it for recruitment? Don’t you think it’s also a great way to give a young and trendy image to your company? As a digital company/agency this image is still very important.

Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 14.56.16

publicis pokemon

What about you? Why not create your Pokemon campaign? Create interactions and engage with your audience by creating a vote for the best Pokemon spots in your city? As Le Stade de France, promote the User Generated Content and create a photo contest where the users must upload their best Pokemon pictures. And why not a personality test “what kind of Pokemon Hunter are you?” with links to your products or services based on the profiles.


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