Apple News opens up to all publishers and to native advertising

Last week, Facebook announced it would let any WordPress blog post Instant Articles thanks to a new plugin. Today, we find out that Apple News has opened to all publishers. Also, it will soon propose new ad formats, thus introducing a first native ad experience.

Reminder: Apple News is an iOS news app that allows publishers to broadcast their content and monetize it through iAd, the mobile advertising platform developed by Apple.


Like Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News opens up to native advertising. The possibility to consume content (and be exposed to advertising) while staying within the same ecosystem (whether it is Facebook, Google or iOS) is now a reality.

The portal dedicated to Apple News shows the various advertising formats that are available on iAd:


Among the formats proposed, there is the discreet native banner. It blends into its editorial environment, offering a pleasant advertising experience for the reader as well as a subtlety for advertisement purchasers. We couldn’t help but notice the intertitial banner— which actually isn’t much of a banner, if you ask us. This one was designed to fill the entire screen and block out the app’s other content, which makes it much more intrusive for the users, who are forced to stare.

Thanks to its latest initiatives, Apple not only positions itself as a news aggregator, but also as a media sales company.

Will Apple News open to all readers too?

Even though Apple News is available only in the United States, in Australia, and in the United Kingdom, Apple revealed the first numbers for its Apple News service in october 2015, saying the app has around 40 million users. Now, that’s a force to be reckoned with.

The next Apple Keynote is scheduled for next Monday, March 21. We should know more about Apple News, its potential availability in other countries (out of the Anglo-Saxon world), the possibility of a WordPress plugin (as for the Facebook Instant Articles), and its opening to all publishers. First limited to some 50 partners in the US (such as Conde Nast, Vox Media, Mashable or The New York Times), Apple recently opened its News app to all publishers.


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