The marketing calendar 2024 is now out and yours to download for free!

The countdown to 2024 has begun, and with it comes a world of new opportunities to captivate your audience and collect first-party and zero-party data, extremely valuable in the era of data deprecation

Just like in previous years, we’re excited to bring you the highly anticipated 2024 marketing calendar. Top brands have favoured this trusty tool, downloading the 2023 marketing calendar more than 9,000 times! The 2024 marketing calendar doesn’t consist of mere dates; it acts as a roadmap to success, guiding your brand through a year filled with possibilities.

The 2024 marketing calendar unveiled

As planning is essential in digital marketing, the 2024 marketing calendar is a strategic tool that ensures your marketing campaigns are not just timely but also tailored to your audience’s preferences. You can seamlessly align your brand’s goals with the most significant dates and events, ensuring that your campaigns are engaging, relevant, and highly impactful.

Each month starts with a summary of key events selected by our team. Plus, we’ve made it even easier to find campaign ideas with curated articles on major occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more.

This year, you can grab the 2024 marketing calendar as a PDF format or simply access it online as well! Now, you can juggle your personal and business events with ease while finding inspiration for your campaigns if needed, through linked articles.

What is featured in the 2024 marketing calendar?

The 2024 marketing calendar offers insights and a clear vision of all the events ahead. 

Each date on the calendar represents a unique opportunity to engage with your audience, strengthen your brand presence, and foster meaningful connections. It’s a year of potential just waiting to be harnessed!

Let’s discover together the exciting opportunities of the 2024 marketing calendar

January 2024: fresh start & softness

January 2024 calendar kicks off with something for everyone! “Dry January” encourages a healthier you, the Golden Globe® Awards sparkle with Hollywood glam, and the Australian Open serves up thrilling sports action. 

Craving pizza and pasta? Celebrate the international day of Italian cuisine. And don’t forget hugging day – a reminder to wrap yourself in the warmth of human connections. It’s a month full of variety, so dive in and enjoy! 

Be sure to peek inside our 2024 marketing calendar for even more fun in January.


February 2024: love is in the air

The 2024 February calendar has a lineup you won’t want to miss! 

First up is the Venice Carnival, a grand masquerade that brings the magic of Venice to life. Then, on pizza day (yes it’s a thing), we celebrate the ultimate comfort food – pizza, of course! Get ready to celebrate love as Valentine’s Day is on the 14th. And don’t miss the 49th César Awards ceremony where French cinema takes the spotlight. Finally, we’re ending the month in style with Paris Women’s Fashion Week.  So, get ready for a fabulous February filled with fun, food, and fashion!

Uncover the full picture, our 2024 marketing calendar has more February insights.


March 2024: inspiration & happiness 

The March 2024 calendar is packed with a mix of meaningful moments and celebrations. It begins with zero discrimination day on the 1st and then international women’s day on the 8th to honour the incredible women who shape our world. 

Lights, camera, action! Get ready for the Oscars on the 10th and international day of happiness for a great dose of smiles. And as March wraps up we’ll close the month with Easter egg hunts on the 31st.  March is the month for respect, girl power, movie magic, happiness, and chocolate eggs – what’s not to love?

Check it out, there’s extra March magic waiting for you in our 2024 marketing calendar.


April 2024: fun, magic & dreams

The April 2024 calendar brings a burst of fun and creativity! April Fool’s Day on the 1st is the perfect excuse for harmless pranks and giggles. 

Get your festival groove on at Coachella for music and good vibes. World art day on the 15th is a chance to celebrate creativity, and world book day will be a perfect excuse to curl up with a good read. Finally, for the 29th, world wish day lets you spread hope and make dreams come true. 

Enjoy a month of creativity and wishes! Keep the fun rolling, our 2024 marketing calendar has you covered with more April events.


May 2024: embracing body positivity & commending moms

The May 2024 calendar is a whirlwind of emotions and entertainment. We start by showering our moms with love on Mother’s Day (on different dates depending on where you are).

On May 6th, embrace self-love on international no diet day. May 15th is all about family with international day of families. Then, it’s glitz and glamour at the Cannes Film Festival and the start of Roland-Garros for tennis fans.  May is all about love, body positivity, family, movies, and sports. Get ready for the action!

Just so you know, May holds even more gems in our 2024 marketing calendar.


June 2024: celebrating nature, dads & music 

June is a wild mix of global awareness and fun! Kicking off with world environment day reminding us to be kind to our planet. Then, get ready for a full month dedicated to soccer with the start of the Europa Cup 2024 and celebrate Father’s Day (here again the date depends on your localisation) showing love to dads.

On the 8th, global wellness day promotes self-care and well-being while the 21st is all about feeling the rhythm on world music day. And, for cycling fans, don’t miss the Tour de France at the end of the month!  June brings together nature, family, self-care, music, and thrilling cycling adventures – it’s an exciting month!

And wait, there’s more to explore in June – our 2024 marketing calendar has it all.


July 2024: savoring sunshine with cocoa hugs & friendships 

The July 2024 calendar is a blend of sports and treats. Wimbledon serves up tennis excitement. Add some love on July 6th with international kissing day and and savour some chocolate on July 7th for world chocolate day.

Feeling playful? July 17th is world emoji day – express yourself with those tiny icons. Cap it off on the 30th with international day of friendship.  July is about sports, smooches, chocolate, emojis, and celebrating friends. Get ready for a summer full of fun!

What’s even better? You can find more July highlights in our 2024 marketing calendar.


August 2024: honoring our furry friends & youth

August 2024 calendar is all about pets, youth, and a dash of creativity. Let’s start with international cat day, a purr-fect time for feline appreciation!

This is followed by youth taking the spotlight for international youth day, while August 19th focuses on capturing moments with world photography day. August 26th is a day to pamper your dog for international dog day while for the French-speaking kids, it’s back-to-school day in Belgium. August is about pets, youth, photos, and the start of a new school adventure. Enjoy the vibes!

And don’t miss it, there’s more August fun in our 2024 marketing calendar.


September 2024: back-to-school & promoting harmony

September 2024 calendar marks a fresh start and positive vibes. It’s back-to-school on September 2nd! Then, get into a positive mood for positive thinking day, followed by international day of peace.

Autumn rolls at the end of the month bringing cooler weather and colorful leaves. Finally, we also celebrate travel with world tourism day. September is about new beginnings, good thoughts, peace, fall, and wanderlust. Enjoy it!

What’s even cooler? Our 2024 marketing calendar spills the beans on more September events.


October 2024: ghouls & goodies 

The 2024 October calendar is all about coffee, smiles, and delicious treats. Kick things off with your favorite brew on October 1st for international coffee day.

Then, get ready to share those grins and spread happiness for world smile day! Celebrate the culinary artists on international chefs day. Indulge in your love for pasta on world pasta day on the 25th. And don’t forget to dress up and have some spooky fun on October 31st for Halloween. October is all about coffee, smiles, yummy food, and some Halloween thrills!

Be sure to peek at our 2024 marketing calendar for extra highlights in October!


November 2024: mustaches & markdowns 

The November 2024 calendar is all about awareness and good deals. Movember runs all month, raising awareness for men’s health.

On November 9th, it’s world freedom day and students take the spotlight later on, for international students’ day. November 21st is world hello day, a time to connect globally. And November 29th is all about shopping deals on Black Friday.  November is about health, freedom, education, connection, and shopping fun. Have fun!

Don’t forget, that November has other interesting events you can find in our 2024 marketing calendar.


December 2024: Christmas chronicles 

The December 2024 calendar offers a mix of awareness and festive fun. On December 5th, think green for world soil day. Then, human rights day focuses on equality and justice. On December 15th, get ready to put on your wackiest sweater for ugly Christmas sweater day!

Spice things up on December 21st with global orgasm day. And, of course, December 25th is all about Christmas, sharing joy and love. This month is all about nature, rights, laughter, togetherness, and holiday cheer. Enjoy the season!

Hey, there’s more to December – check out our 2024 marketing calendar for the scoop.


With an insight into what’s in store for 2024, grab our 2024 marketing calendar for all the essential dates you mustn’t overlook this year. Alternatively, explore the online version to stay prepared.


Get set to transform each day in 2024 into a festive occasion with captivating interactive marketing campaigns!