If you’re looking for the best marketing ideas for Mother’s Day you’re in the right place! Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to launch marketing campaigns full of tenderness to please all the mums of your community, interact with them and collect first- and zero-party data. So it’s time to be inspired by 12 marketing ideas for Mother’s Day 🤩

Let’s start with 9 marketing ideas for Mother’s Day using our standard formats

We’ve divided our interactive campaign ideas between our standard formats (quiz, gift guide, swiper, etc.) and our advanced formats (obstacle run, swap & match, etc.) so you can choose what suits you best! 

1. Personality test: what kind of mother will you be? 

With this personality test, let future mothers discover which type of mother they will be! This format allows you to find out more about your audience: their preferences, their taste, etc. You can, of course, fully customise the personality test, so let your imagination run wild. 

To increase your visibility and attract more customers, let participants share their profiles on social media with a personalised message, which you’ll have configured in advance.

Personality test Mother's Day
Personality test exit screen

2. Poll: #BestMumEver

Choose the answer formats that suit you (checkboxes, dropdown lists, click on image etc.) and create your poll for Mother’s Day to engage your audience.   

In this campaign idea, participants must vote for the world’s best mum. Don’t worry, we know that your mum is the best of all time 👑

And don’t forget to choose personalised Mother’s Day images to stand out!

poll Mother's Day

3. Swiper test: the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

What could be better than receiving a gift based on your personality and desires? Create a special swiper personality test to let mothers choose what they want to receive for Mother’s Day and send the information to their children (clever, right!?).

How does it work? Like Tinder, participants need to swipe left or right to answer questions. It’s an excellent way to get to know your audience better!

Swiper test - mother's day
swiper test - exit

4. Guide: make your mother’s taste buds dream

Sometimes it’s hard to know what our mum wants for Mother’s Day. Let alone know what to cook for her on this special occasion! That’s why we’ve created a food guide that generates relevant suggestions based on each mum’s tastes! 

Take inspiration from this interactive idea by highlighting your products and adding a call-to-action so that participants can purchase from you 😉

Guide - Mother's Day

Guide - exit screen

5. Swiper quiz: things mums do

For this interactive campaign, refer to all the actions mums are used to doing: shouting your name across the house, doing spring cleaning and when guests arrive saying “don’t mind the mess”, etc. 

Use the popular Tinder format to create a swiper quiz. Participants have to swipe left or right to say whether their mother is indeed like that or not. This campaign idea is perfect to engage with your audience and make them realise how amazing mums are.

Swiper quiz Mother's Day

6. Quiz: Mother’s Day’s labyrinth

We’ve imagined a labyrinth quiz to take mothers to the spa (because they really deserve it 😉). To create this campaign, we’ve used the quiz format: it’s easy to set up and offers many different question possibilities. We then added a labyrinth image and three answer buttons and voilà! 

Labyrinth - things mum do

7. Escape game: Catherine’s morning routine 

For this interactive campaign, we created a quiz based on the escape game format meaning participants need to answer correctly to go to the next question. Sounds fun, right? 

As we all know, mornings can be tricky 🤯 So, in this game participants must solve riddles to help Catherine to get to work on time! The game directly shows the result of the answers to allow participants to try their luck again before moving on to the next question. 

Want to help Catherine to get ready for work? Let’s go 🔽

Three marketing ideas for Mother’s Day using our advanced formats

These formats are available as an add-on to your licence. This means that, to be able to create these games on your own, you will need to pay an additional fee to your licence, except for Platinum licences, for whom the add-on is already included. Contact us for more information about our advanced formats! 

1. Catcher game: flowers everywhere

In this catcher game, participants have to catch falling flowers with a vase. Fun, right? Guess what!? You can try it out 🔽

2. Obstacle run: mum-to-be

The obstacle run is one of our new advanced formats. In this campaign idea, mothers have to run as fast as they can and avoid smelly nappies. Are you any good at this? Find out now 🔽

3. Swap & match: cover your mum with kisses

In this swap & match game, participants need to swap kisses to form a row or column of at least three identical kisses. The swap & match game is just like Candy Crush, the more matches your audience makes, the more points they earn. Get ready to cover your mum with kisses!

Swap & match - Mother's Day

Three marketing ideas for Mother’s Day launched by our users!

Need more marketing ideas for Mother’s Day? Well, Clarins, the RTBF and LolaLiza have come up with outstanding campaigns to celebrate Mother’s Day, and they are worth a look!

1. Clarins’ special Mother’s Day catcher

The skin care brand Clarins used the catcher game to celebrate mothers, challenging users to catch as many hearts as possible in under 25 seconds to win products. The campaign attracted more than 1,800 participants, 11% of whom made a purchase on Clarins’ e-commerce site. If you want to know more about this campaign and about Clarins’ digital strategy in general, check out their success story!

Clarins catcher - Mother's Day

2. RTBF Mother’s Day quiz

RTBF (Belgian Radio-Television of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) created a Mother’s Day quiz asking participants five questions about the origin of this celebration. At the end of the quiz, they put a summary so participants can see all the correct answers and their score. 

What an excellent way to involve your audience and make them more active on your website 🤩

RTBF - quiz

3. LolaLiza’s personalised email card

For Mother’s Day, LolaLiza offered users the opportunity to send a personalised card via email to their mother. 

Participants had to fill out a form with their contact details, attach a photo, a text and their mother’s email address. The brand then sent out all the cards with a little surprise: a discount voucher for the new collection for participants and their mother.

Love this idea as much as we do? Find out more aboutLolaLiza’s digital strategy in their success story.

LolaLiza - email card

So there you have it! 12 marketing ideas for Mother’s Day to make brilliant interactive campaigns and reach your marketing goals.

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