Two of the most significant shopping events of the year are fast approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are indeed the two most opportune events to boost your sales but also to collect customer data. That being said, you must come up with the best Black Friday marketing campaign that will help you stand out from the crowd during this busy time of year, and make as many extra sales as you can.

In this article, we’re going to present you some of the best Black Friday marketing campaigns created by our users. Have a look, be inspired for your next marketing actions and if you want more ideas to leverage this period, contact us!

The best Black Friday marketing campaigns

1. Ask your customers’ preferences

Regardless of which business you’re in, polls and surveys are always great ways to get to know your audience’s opinions and preferences and gather valuable information. Once you’ve got your customers’ feedback, you can make the most of it for your next marketing actions, exactly like Le Shop did. The Swiss online supermarket made the most of Black Friday to ask their consumers’ opinions on their products via a battle. To encourage as many people as possible to participate, the supermarket offered delivery subscriptions via a prize draw among all the participants.


2. Offer an incentive to connect

Get users to sign up for your marketing emails before Black Friday just like the coffee brand Nespresso did. The brand offered their shoppers the opportunity to be informed about its Black Friday promotions before anyone else by filling out a form with their email address. A quick and easy campaign to set up to attract interesting and interested prospects!


3. Make Black Friday last longer

Start your Black Friday marketing early like did! The e-commerce platform launched an instant win campaign on their website for 12 days. Participants only had to enter their contact details and click on “Participate” to try to win one of the three daily prizes (vouchers, skincare products, sports watches, etc.). They instantly discovered whether they won! Finally, participants were encouraged to share the instant win on their social media.


4. Go for giveaways

Everyone loves surprises and especially during Black Friday! Think about what would delight your customers and be of value during this busy time of year. UGC cinemas in France decided to offer free tickets and pop-corn to their audience via a jackpot. This type of interactive campaign features a machine slot that is automatically activated and stopped. Participants immediately know if they have won, depending on whether the three images in the machine are identical or not. UGC made the most of the identification form to segment their participants by asking them for their favourite UGC cinema — valuable information to personalise future communications.


On their side, Nestlé created a dedicated email for Black Friday full of interesting and exclusive offers. The perfect way to thank their subscribers!


5. Highlight your products in an original way

Black Friday is THE ideal time of the year to think out of the box to showcase your products and attract current and potential customers. To entertain their shoppers whilst having them look at their products for a relatively long time, DoctiPharma created a memory game. The online pharmacy website invited users to match each product with its category as fast as possible. The prize for the fastest players: 4 wellness boxes. To validate their participation, users had to fill out a form with their data (first name, last name, email, date of birth, gender). The memory game was published directly on DoctiPharma’s website and promoted via a banner on its homepage as well as through paid ads on social networks.


6. Create a unique experience

Just like the Swiss daily newspaper did, create an addictive endless running game to engage your audience! Participants need to run as fast as they can, dodge the oncoming obstacles, jump in the sky to obtain more bonuses or slide to safety to avoid enemies. The objective is to get the highest score possible.


7. Give visibility to your sponsors and partners

How to give visibility to your partners through the games you offer? Well, we have imagined a quiz with instant answer check where participants need to guess all the brands’ logos. To be able to go to the next question, they need to find all the logos present on the picture. Use the logos of your partners and offer participants nice prizes based on their guesses!


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