It’s time to start thinking about your marketing strategy for the year ahead, and for that, international days can be of great help. There are many events around the year where you can create content to engage your audience, increase your visibility, boost your sales and collect data.

In fact, we have created the perfect piece of content that will give you a global vision of all the key events, from January to December 2024, to plan all your campaigns in advance and adapt your communication strategies: the 2024 marketing calendar.

In this article, we have selected our favourite international days, two per month, and we’ll give you ideas to create original and interactive content around them. Take a look at our ideas below and be inspired!

Why use international days in your marketing strategy

There are two types of international days:

1️⃣ Those designated by organisations like the United Nations to raise public awareness about themes related to major issues (fundamental rights, sustainable development, health, etc.).
2️⃣ Those designated by individuals, associations or companies to celebrate all kinds of things, from the most serious to the funniest.

Whether it is international women’s day, international dog day or international happiness day, each international day offers many actors the opportunity to create original content to engage their digital community and promote their products. So pick the event that fits your brand the best and start creating content around it.

Gone are the days when you only focused on big holidays like, Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or Halloween. It’s now time to leverage specific international days and events throughout the year to stand out from the crowd and increase your brand visibility.

24 fun ideas to celebrate international days

We have selected two international days per month, and we have created content around each of them. Discover all our ideas in the interactive calendar below ⬇

Epiphany – January 6

Also known as Three Kings Day, Epiphany is a Christian feast day during which King’s cake is eaten in certain parts of Europe. You all know the tradition: a miniature plastic baby, which symbolises baby Jesus, is placed inside of the cake and the person who gets the slice that contains the baby is known as the King or Queen. Well, we imagined doing a digital version of the cake thanks to a wheel of fortune so you can surprise your audience and offer them nice gifts!international-days-kings-day

Popcorn day – January 19

Sweet, salty or caramelised, popcorn is perfect at any time, anywhere. To celebrate this delicacy on January 19, you can create content around movies and cinema or create a catcher game as we did. The rules are simple: you have to catch as much popcorn as possible. A game as addictive as popcorn itself!

Pizza day – February 9

You have a whole day to celebrate the meal adored worldwide; fantastic, isn’t it? Not only you can challenge your community to make the best pizza with the ingredients left in their fridge or with a list of ingredients you’ll give them but also, you can create an interactive gallery where users can find tasty recipes, vote for their favourite and even share their own.

On our side, we have imagined a quiz where participants need to help the pizzaiolo by guessing the ingredients of the most iconic pizzas of all-time ? Test your pizza knowledge right here!

Umbrella day – February 10

There is an international day to honour this ever useful and ever fashionable accessory that is the umbrella. We’ve created a quiz with the most iconic umbrellas for the occasion, from fictional characters to public figures. The purpose of this quiz is to find out to whom the umbrella belongs. Want to test your knowledge? It’s over here!


World compliment day – March 1

Receiving a compliment gives a lovely warm feeling. It makes you feel appreciated and it can even make your day. So take this day as an opportunity to shower your customers with praise! How? By creating a compliment generator that you can publish on your website homepage or on your social media. Your customers just have to enter their name and click on the button to receive genuine compliments. It’s your turn to try our compliment generator!

International women’s day – March 8

It’s THE day not to be missed. Even if you don’t need a specific day to celebrate the women in your community, it’s the perfect occasion to test your audience’s knowledge and teach them about women’s history via an interactive quiz, for example. Accompany each answer given by the participants with an explanation or justification to teach them even more!

World book day – April 23

For this particular day, we have imagined a quiz with different types of questions:

  1. Participants have to guess from which novel a specific sentence is taken;
  2. Participants have to guess the title of a book by its cover;
  3. Participants have to guess which book a summary is of.

Your turn now, let’s see if you’re an expert ?

International dance day – April 29

Why not combine business with pleasure for this day? We all know that the list of items to buy to practice a sport can sometimes be very long. Make your audience’s life easier by creating a checklist for each type of dance, exactly like Decathlon did. That way, they’ll just have to check the items they already have to know the ones they still need to buy. Add personalised call-to-actions to enable participants to purchase the items they need on your e-commerce website and it’s in the bag!


Star Wars day – May 4

On May the 4th we celebrate the Star Wars saga and everything related to the galaxy far far away. There are several ways to live Star Wars Day. Have a movie marathon, wear your best costume, listen to Star Wars songs, bake Star Wars cookies. We’ve opted for a three-in-one Star Wars quiz. Play it here and be inspired to create your own for your audience.

World cocktail day – May 13

Did you know the first definition of a cocktail was published on May 13 in 1806? And it’s precisely why world cocktail day is celebrated on this day. To engage your audience, you can imagine a test where participants can discover the cocktail matching their personality, a game where they can get cocktail recipes from what’s left in their fridge or a memory, as the brand Mangaroca Batida de Côco did. You can also challenge them to guess which cocktail goes with which glass like we did here.

Oceans day – June 8

It’s time to give your audience a moment of fun while raising their environmental awareness. To do so, we have created a catcher game in which they have to collect the waste in the oceans while avoiding the fish and other marine mammals. Once the game is over, take the opportunity to give your audience best practices in terms of waste collection and emphasize the important role oceans play in our lives.


World music day – June 21

World music day celebrates music in all its forms. For this day, we have imagined an epic 90s music quiz, you should absolutely try. In this game, you need to guess the songs based on their initials. Let’s go! You can also get inspired by the French radio station NRJ and it’s All Star Challenge.

P.S. To create this game, we used the instant check feature, more info right here.

World chocolate day – July 7

On July 7th, we celebrate one of the greatest culinary inventions: chocolate! Next to photo contests or culinary quizzes, why not create a Repeat it! game. Participants need to watch a sequence of images, remember it and repeat it. We’ve created one around chocolates. Want to try it? It’s right here.

World emoji day – July 17

We’ve all used emojis to represent our emotions 🥳 😎 😋 ❤️  🤮 💪 💃  They help us when words fail us, they’ve become a new universal language. For this day, we’ve imagined a quiz with different rebus made of emojis. Whether it’s books, songs or TV series, will you be able to decrypt these rebus? Give it a try!

International beer day – August 2

On August 2nd, we celebrate international beer day, the best day of the year (for some of us ?). For the occasion, create a quiz in which participants need to guess the name of the beers. Want to see what it looks like? It’s over here.


International dog day – August 26

Let’s take the time to appreciate all the love dogs are bringing to our daily lives, exactly like the marketing agency Dogofriends. Bulldog, Beagle, Chihuahua, Golden Retriever, Husky, Shih Tzu: all dog breeds are celebrated on August 26. If you’re selling products for pets, it’s the perfect day to learn more about your pets’ community: age, name, breed, etc. And if you aren’t, we have imagined a quiz based on one single image full of dogs. Participants need to look carefully at the picture and answer different questions.

World beard day – September 7

In November, we celebrate moustaches and in September beards! On this particular day, you can offer your community tips on maintaining a neat beard or even launching a beard and moustache competition and making users vote for the most creative one. On our side, we’ve created a game where participants need to find the only person without a beard. Will you be able to find it?

World tourism day – September 27

World tourism day is the opportunity to enable your users to travel to a place they have always wanted to visit. A quick and easy way to offer that to your audience is with a jackpot. Participants start the machine slot and immediately know if they have won or lost. Jackpots can be in the shape of a bus, a train or a plane, we have everything you’ll need to create your own jackpot for world tourism day.


International coffee day – October 1

It’s the day of coffee lovers, and God knows there are many! For this day, we put ourselves in the shoes of a coffee brand and we thought it would be interesting to present your different products in an original way (via a wheel of fortune, for example) and offer your audience the chance to win coffee samples or coffee for a year.

World pasta day – October 25

Pasta for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pasta for dinner, pasta everywhere! With the hundreds of shapes that pasta can have and the hundreds of sauces accompanying it, let’s create a swiper quiz to teach your audience which pasta goes with which sauce. Because it actually matters!

Movember – All month of November

In September, we celebrate beards and in November, we celebrate moustaches! Movember is an annual event that raises awareness of men’s health issues by growing a moustache during the whole month of November. What else than a photo contest to immortalise all these lovely moustaches? Easy to set up and the perfect format to engage your audience!

World television day – November 21

The United Nations proclaimed world television day in 1996. It is a celebration not of the tool itself but rather of the symbol that television represents, the symbol of communication and globalisation in the contemporary world. You can launch a quiz on the most popular TV shows of all time, the best movies, the most viewed TV series, and teach your audience more about television history.

International Ninja day – December 5

Why not? Next to all the Christmas and end-of-year celebrations, you can also create content around international ninja day. We have imagined a “hidden object” kind of campaign, in which participants need to find where the ninja is. Want to try? It’s over here.


International mountain day – December 11

Finally in December, next to Christmas and New Year, we also celebrate International mountain day. The opportunity to offer your audience a ski trip for the holidays or test their geographical knowledge. Do you know, for example, where Mount Olympus is located? Challenge participants and offer a prize to the one with the highest score.

There you are! You have now seen all our ideas to create interactive content around the funniest international days. If you want to have a global vision of all the key events and international days, from January to December 2024, don’t forget to download our 2024 marketing calendar.