The 2023 marketing calendar is now available for free download! Without any doubt, the marketing calendar is the most awaited piece of content by our community, downloaded last year more than 9,500 times by top European brands from all sectors. 

Like every year, our marketing team have worked hard to provide you with the most complete marketing calendar for the year ahead.

The 2023 marketing calendar: a key tool for brands

Digital marketing is all about planning. And that’s precisely why the marketing calendar is an essential tool. Of course, you can’t control everything, but planning ahead can often make the difference. The marketing calendar will help you to choose the events that matter for your brand to create stunning interactive marketing campaigns thanks to gamification.

By knowing all the key dates of the year ahead, you will: 

1️⃣ Gain control over your marketing campaigns
2️⃣ Plan your marketing strategies in advance
3️⃣ Make the most of seasonal events
4️⃣ Stay agile

Long story short, if you want to engage, attract and retain your customers the marketing calendar is the perfect tool to give you an overview of the dates you shouldn’t miss and around which you can create marketing campaigns.

What does our 2023 marketing calendar include?

In the 2023 marketing calendar, you’ll find more than 370 events! 370 occasions around which you can create marketing campaigns to engage your audience and collect first-party data and zero-party data. You’ll find all types of events, from international days to sporting and cultural events, but also holidays and feast days.

You’ll also find a summary page at the beginning of each month with our team’s selection of key events. And, because we know it takes work to consistently find new campaign ideas, we included for each month some helpful links to inspirational articles giving you ideas for key events, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. 

And finally, to ensure you don’t miss a single event, you’ll find a link to directly add the 2023 marketing calendar to your Google calendar. That way, you can have a look at your personal calendar while keeping track of the year’s events from day to day.

Download our 2023 marketing calendar now! 

NEW: an online version of the 2023 marketing calendar 

This year, we are bringing something new to the marketing calendar. [Drum roll please!] We’ve made an online version of our marketing calendar accessible at any time via this page. 

You’ll be able to view the full version of our 2023 marketing calendar and click on the events you’re interested in to get more information or links to helpful inspirational articles.  

Check out our online 2023 marketing calendar right here


The 2023 marketing calendar in brief

Let’s take a quick look at the five key events of each month selected by our team. Pick the event that fits your brand the best to help you engage your community, collect first-party data and zero-party data and promote your products throughout the year.

January 2023: good resolutions and sales 

January is the month of new resolutions starting with Dry January lasting the whole month. 

The January 2023 calendar is bursting with cultural and sporting events, such as the 80th Annual Golden Globe® Awards (January 10th) and the Australian Open (from January 16th to January 29th). 

If you’re looking for some comfort in the cold winter months and to beat Blue Monday (January 16th), don’t miss the international day of Italian cuisine (January 17th) or hugging day (January 21st).


Want to know what else is happening in January 2023? Download the marketing calendar and don’t miss any events of the year ahead.

February 2023: pizzas, love & cinema

The February 2023 calendar starts with a bang with the girls & women in sports day (February 1st). It continues with the most awaited day of the year, pizza day (February 9th), before getting fashion weeks off to a good start with New York Fashion Week (from February 9th to February 15th). 

Finally, love is in the air with Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and the month ends on a cultural note with the 48th César Awards ceremony (February 24th).


Check out the 2023 marketing calendar to discover all the other events of February 2023.

March 2023: gender equality and lots of happiness

Zero discrimination day (March 1st) and international women’s day (March 8th) mark the beginning of March 2023. The films released in 2022 are then honoured on March 12th with the 95th Academy Awards (the Oscars). 

We also celebrate the international day of happiness (March 20th) which should really be celebrated all days of the year! Finally, world water day (March 22nd) celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2 billion people around the world living without access to safe water.


You’ll find all the other events of March 2023 in our marketing calendar 😉

April 2023: eggs, chicks and chocolate bunnies

Make the most of April fool’s day (April 1st) to start the month on the right foot! April rhythms with Easter, beginning with Easter Monday (April 10th). 

We then have one of the world’s biggest music and arts festivals, Coachella, happening on two weekends (April 14th to 16th and April 21st to 23rd) and world art day, celebrated in the middle of the month (April 15th). 


Finally, we finish the month on a positive note with world wish day (April 29th). To get an overview of all the events of April 2023, get our marketing calendar.

May 2023: say no to dieting and send love to your moms 

The May 2023 calendar starts with an important day, international no diet day (May 6th), that should last all year in our opinion. Talking about important days, we celebrate our mothers in May, depending on the country, on the 7th, 14th or 28th. 

Then, the middle of the month is marked with the international day of families (May 15th) and finished with two big events: Cannes Film Festival (May 16th to 27th) and Roland-Garros (May 22nd to June 11th).


Don’t miss any events of May 2023 by downloading our marketing calendar.

June 2023: celebrate fathers in music

And we’re already in June! Depending on where you live, we celebrate our beloved fathers on the 5th, 11th or 18th. 

The June 2023 calendar is punctuated with other great international days like world environment day (June 5th), global running day (June 7th), world tapas day (June 16th) and world music day (June 21st).


Looking for all the other events that will punctuate June 2023? Check out our marketing calendar!

July 2023: summer and friendship

Finally! Here come the summer months! July 2023 begins in a sporty way with the Tour de France (from July 1st to July 23rd). We then have a bit of love and romance with international kissing day (July 6th). 

We’re getting fat after, with world chocolate day (July 7th), and we finished the July 2023 calendar celebrating world emoji day (July 17th) and international day of friendship (July 30th).


Download the 2023 marketing calendar to discover all the events you can leverage over the summer.

August 2023: the month of pets and beer lovers

Pet lovers will be delighted with the August 2023 calendar celebrating international cat day (August 8th) and international dog day (August 26th). The same goes for beer lovers, with beer day celebrated on August 4th. We continue the month with international youth day (August 12th) and world photography day (August 19th). 

And this year, some brands will have to prepare their marketing for back-to-school early as back-to-school starts in August in some countries like Belgium!


Download the 2023 marketing calendar to discover all the events you can leverage over the summer.

September 2023: back-to-school and back-to-business

Even if September means back-to-school and back-to-business, we remain optimistic with the positive thinking day (September 13th). In September 2023 we’ll also celebrate world coconut day (September 2nd), international day of peace (September 21st) and world tourism day (September 27th). 


Without forgetting about the start of autumn (September 23rd), marking the transition from summer to winter. To discover all the other events of September 2023, check out our marketing calendar.

October 2023: coffee, pasta & monsters

The October 2023 calendar starts with international coffee day (October 1st), which will be much needed as winter begins and the days get shorter. 

Fortunately, we put a bit more light in the darker days with world smile day (October 6th). October also celebrates bosses day (October 16th) and world pasta day (October 25th) for our greatest pleasure. And, of course, we finish the month celebrating Halloween (October 31st).


Want to know what else is happening in the October 2023 calendar? Get our marketing calendar and don’t miss any events of the year ahead.

November 2023: men in the spotlight

We start the month by raising awareness about men’s health issues with Movember, involving men growing moustaches during November. 

November 2023 continues with world freedom day (November 9th) and international students’ day (November 17th). We also celebrate international men’s day (November 19th) and Black Friday at the end of the month for the greatest pleasure of consumers.


You’ll find all the other events of November 2023 in our marketing calendar 😉

December 2023: Christmas carols and more festive fun

The December 2023 calendar starts with two important events: world soil day (December 5th) and human rights day (December 10th). We then have international mountain day (December 11th), the occasion to promote ski trips, maybe? 

And we finish the month celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, with ugly Christmas sweater day (December 15th) and Christmas (December 25th). Of course, there are other key events in December 2023, that you can discover in our marketing calendar 2023.


Now that you have an overview of what 2023 holds, download our 2023 marketing calendar to know all the dates you shouldn’t miss this year, or check out the online version of it. Be ready to make every day in 2023 a celebration with stunning interactive marketing campaigns!