Bye, bye Christmas, hello, Valentine’s Day! 

Before going any further: no, Valentine’s Day is not only for couples. As a brand, you can also target the singles of your community with your Valentine’s Day campaigns and celebrate all kinds of love: self-love, affectionate love, family love, romantic love, etc.

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to drive engagement, collect first– and zero-party data and connect with your consumers. You don’t want to miss this opportunity! In this article, we have gathered 11 ways you can celebrate love and interact with your community. Read on to discover 11 Valentine’s Day campaigns you can use for your brand 😉

11 Valentine’s Day campaigns for your brand

1. Quiz: I love you in all languages

Je t’aime, te quiero, I love you, ik hou van you, etc. How many translations of “I love you” do you know? This is the quiz we have imagined to engage your community! 

To create this quiz, you can use the instant check question type, which instantly validates the participants’ answers and allows them to retry the question until they find the correct answer.


2. Swap & match: celebrate self-love

In case you missed the information, the “Swap & match” game is the new game available in our “Advanced formats” add-on. This paid add-on, which you can add to your licence, gives you access to exclusive games to create enhanced marketing experiences. Contact us for more info!

In the “Swap & match” game below that you can play live, we celebrate self-love. And good news for Qualifio users, if you like the design of this campaign, you can find the template in your Qualifio account.

It’s your turn to play! Match the tiles to make them disappear. How? Swap two items to get three or more the same in a row, just like in the game Candy Crush 😉

3. Quiz: monuments of love

Did you know that emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth? And he’s not the only one who has made a monument for love. 

Why not create a quiz on all the monuments built for love and challenge your users to find their names? To make the quiz harder, you can add a timer and challenge participants to find the answer in a given time.


4. Cupid’s Game

For this game, we have decided to turn one of our advanced formats, the penalty game, into a Cupid’s game. What does this mean? Well, instead of having to score penalties to win, participants have to launch arrows to reach their crush while avoiding the devil 😈

You can test the game right here! This template is also already available in your Qualifio account if you want to use this Valentine’s Day campaign as such. Remember that you can customise all parts thanks to our advanced formats add-on. 

5. Sudden death: will you make it to the end of the date?

Sudden death quizzes aren’t just for Halloween. We’ve found a way to use this format for your Valentine’s Day campaign. For example, ask your consumers different questions about which choices they would make on a date. Then, define the correct answer (according to you) and challenge them to make it to the end of the date. 


6. Battle: love triangles

The battle is one of the best formats to find out more about your audience’s preferences and opinions, with a simple click!

You can create a battle on any topic you want. It can be on your products, those of your partners, or any other topic you have in mind. 

In the Valentine’s Day campaign below, we’re asking users to vote for the person that the heroes and heroines of their favourite TV series should end up with.


7. Wheel of fortune: Kamasutra wheel

The wheel of fortune is a format really appreciated by our users and their audiences. Why? Because it offers the possibility for the brand to highlight their products (or their sponsors’) in an original way and for the participants to discover immediately what they win. 

But, it’s also a fun game for participants to discover what book, movie, or… Kamasutra position they should try next! They just need to spin the wheel and let it decide for them 😉


Last year for example, the love shop espaceplaisir launched the “wheel of pleasures”, full of gifts to enjoy as a couple or alone. The shop accompanied the wheel with a form in which a newsletter opt-in was proposed — ideal to combine business with pleasure!


8. Guide: how to cook Aphrodisiacs?

Dynamic guides help you to generate relevant suggestions based on participants’ answers. For example, you can create guides to help participants to find the best gift for their loved ones or their next vacation destination based on their personality and interests. 

In the example below, we ask participants to select their favourite aphrodisiac food and find out how to cook it in a delicious recipe. Don’t hesitate to leverage your Valentine’s Day campaign exit screen by adding call-to-action buttons redirecting to your website or e-commerce site. 


9. Jackpot: will you get married this year?

Let the jackpot predict it for you! In this jackpot, participants must get three rings to win. Either you make a “prediction jackpot” with nothing special to win, or you offer a discount on your products to the winners. In both cases, it’s a great opportunity to promote your products.


10. Personality test: food or love?

Probably the most difficult choice in life. Would you prefer food or love? A slice of pizza or a hug? Tough choice, isn’t it? But in this personality test we have imagined, your community will have to make a choice. 

After the test, you can let participants share their results on their social media with a personalised message to increase your test’s visibility!


11. Catcher: catch as many flowers as you can!

Last but not least, we have imagined a flower catcher game for Valentine’s Day, that you could even reuse for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. In this game, participants need to catch as many flowers as they can in a minimum of time. You can then offer a discount or a flower bouquet for the fastest participants.

Three’s a crowd: this template is also available in your Qualifio account as an advanced format, so you can create your campaign in a few clicks!  

In the same vein, the French group Prisma Media launched a “love machine” last year for its magazine NEON, in partnership with Passage du Désir and Lelo stores. The concept? Participants had 30 seconds to catch as many of sex toys as possible. 


There you go! 11 Valentine’s Day campaign ideas to boost your audience engagement, collect data and boost your sales. If you want other ideas, don’t hesitate to check our other inspirational articles on the same topic. And if you have an idea in mind for a campaign but you can’t find it in our catalogue, contact us and we’ll see what we can do together.

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