It’s that time of year again when brands get a chance to be extra creative with their Christmas campaigns. As the holiday season approaches, brands are eager to capture the attention and hearts of customers but also to get to know them better. 

In this article, we’ll explore some fun and inspiring ideas to help brands make their Christmas campaigns really stand out. Whether it’s through original interactive quizzes, catchy games, or user-generated content, we’ll show you how to make your brand’s Christmas campaign shine as brightly as Rudolph’s red nose on a snowy night. 

So, let’s get started with some exciting Christmas campaign inspiration!

Christmas campaigns to capture the hearts of your customers

Swap & match: combine the Christmas baubles

Engage with your audience and increase your brand awareness thanks to this swap & match game! Participants have to swap and match the Christmas baubles to make a row or a column of at least three baubles. 

Then, let participants share their scores on social media, organically promoting your brand to their friends and followers.

Advent calendar: 1 day, 1 Christmas movie

Leverage the Advent calendar format in various creative ways to keep your audience engaged throughout the holiday season and reinforce your brand’s presence. 

An idea could be to create a Christmas movie calendar: 1 day, 1 Christmas movie. Each day reveals a different Christmas movie your users have to watch. This can be accompanied by a brief synopsis or fun facts about the movie.

Then, challenge users to engage with the calendar by inviting them to share their thoughts on each movie, rate them, or even share their own favourite holiday film recommendations.


Shell game: Christmas socks

Let’s revisit the classic shell game by displaying 3 socks instead of traditional cups or doors! The game concept remains the same: participants aim to guess which sock holds all the prizes. Prizes can range from discounts, exclusive holiday offers, or even physical products.

To participate, users must register or log in, providing their email addresses or other relevant information. This allows your brand to collect valuable data for future marketing efforts.


Labyrinth quiz: turn the Christmas lights back on

Christmas is nothing without lights! Imagine a labyrinth quiz where participants have to find which cable they need to plug in to turn the lights back on.

Offer incentives such as discounts, exclusive holiday offers, or entries into a prize drawing for those who successfully navigate the labyrinth and choose the correct cable.


Quiz: which city is hidden under the snow?

As the holiday season approaches, many people look forward to a well-deserved break and the opportunity to explore new places. Why not consider running an engaging campaign for your brand that involves participants guessing the city hidden under the snow? 

To make it even more exciting, offer an enticing prize, such as an all-expenses-paid trip to that very city, for the lucky winners.


If you’re a Qualifio user, explore our freshly designed Christmas templates, ready to use in your campaign! You can also use them as a starting point and customise all the elements to align better with your brand’s identity.

🗓️ Advent calendar


🏃🏻‍♂️Obstacle run


🔨 Smash it! It’s our latest advanced format, available just in time for your Christmas campaigns!


Quiz: the mystery gift

At the heart of the Christmas spirit lies the joy of giving and receiving thoughtful gifts. In this campaign idea, we suggest a daring challenge for participants: guess the hidden object behind the mystery gift, and you could win it! 

This presents a perfect opportunity to enhance both your brand’s visibility and the recognition of your products.


Gift guide: your veggie Christmas

Let’s transform our traditional gift guide into a delectable food guide, designed to help your consumers discover various vegetarian options for their Christmas feast. 

Provide them with diverse recipes, add the list of required ingredients and allow consumers to conveniently add any missing items directly to their shopping basket.


Battle: guess which one is the cheapest and win it

Launch an exciting product battle! Rather than selecting their favourite product, participants will be challenged to guess which product is the most budget-friendly for a chance to win it. 

This campaign is ideal for showcasing your product range while offering valuable gift suggestions to your community as the holiday season draws near.


Photo contest: celebrate Christmas with our products

Using user-generated content during Christmas is a powerful strategy to enhance your brand’s visibility and leverage your audience as brand advocates. With this campaign idea, we propose you to organise a photo contest where participants showcase how they incorporate your products into their Christmas celebrations. Invite them to capture it in a picture, whether it’s in cooking, decorating, or any other creative way.

To make it even more enticing, offer a prize to the participant whose picture receives the most votes. This campaign has the potential to boost your sales and serve as an effective promotional tool for your products.


Swiper test: DIY decoration

Encourage your community to make their own Christmas decorations with a fun swiper quiz! Simply ask your users what they have at home, and suggest easy DIY decoration ideas like gift wrapping, Christmas ornaments, and garlands. 

This campaign is a great way to share helpful tips with your audience while also highlighting your products or those of your partners.


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