Every occasion is an excellent opportunity to interact with your community and collect valuable data to boost your revenue. And that’s exactly why we always try to provide you with the best marketing ideas so you don’t have to start your brainstorming session from scratch 😉 

In this article, you’ll find 16 Father’s Day marketing ideas our marketing and studio teams imagined to make your brand stand out for this special occasion. From must-have marketing ideas to more advanced ones, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to replicate one for your brand.

Must-have Father’s Day marketing ideas

1. Photo contest: the coolest dad

Let your customers take care of promoting your business! Launch a photo contest asking them to upload the coolest picture of their dad and get as many votes as possible by sharing your campaign. That way, you’ll benefit from original content while increasing your brand’s visibility. And remember to offer a unique gift related to your brand or service to the dad who receives the most votes. 


2. Sudden death quiz: dad vs mum

Ask your community to challenge their parents with a sudden death quiz! Who knows more about children? Dad or mum? Choose a series of fun questions and encourage participants to share their results on social media to give your campaign even more visibility.


3. Gift guide: what kind of drink should you offer to your dad?

The gift guide is a powerful marketing tool to use for Father’s Day. So why do we love gift guides?

  1. You offer helpful content to your community by providing them with relevant product recommendations.
  2. You collect valuable data about your audience to base your next communication.
  3. You attract more consumers to your website and you can boost your sales by offering a discount coupon to participants. 

In the example below, we’ve imagined a gift guide focused on the kind of drink your users could offer to their dad based on their preferences. The idea is to create a gift guide based on a list of products you think your target audience would be interested in.


4. Hidden object: dady hero!

This campaign will encourage your users to stay longer on your channels to find the answer to the question, “where is the baby’s dummy?”. With this hidden object game, you can choose the landscape of your choice to illustrate this campaign and give the hero dad a nice gift related to your brand or service.


5. One-page quiz: how to tie a cravat?

If you’re a fashion brand, this is an excellent campaign to promote your products while offering fun and valuable content to your customers. For this campaign example, we have decided to take the one-page quiz format allowing you to display all your questions in one page, making your quiz fluid and very visual.  


6. Memory: multilingual names

Here’s a campaign for the fathers-to-be! We’ve used the memory format and we’re daring participants to find the translations of popular names, and why not be inspired for their baby’s future name 😉


Advanced Father’s Day marketing ideas

All the Father’s Day marketing ideas below are created with our “Advanced Formats” add-on, allowing our users to quickly create more innovative and original games with no technical skills needed. If you want to know more about this add-on, contact us!

1. Repeat it: dad sounds

Despite them, our dads make a lot of noise, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less. We’ve taken all the sounds our dads are making (laughing at their own joke, coughing loudly, walking down the stairs, etc.) and we put them all in a Repeat it! game. Participants in this game have to memorise and repeat the sequence of images. It starts easily, but the suspense builds as the sequences get longer. Try this campaign live ⬇

2. Swap & match: it’s barbecue time

Like in the Candy Crush game, swap & match is a memorisation game where participants need to swap objects to make a row or a column of at least three identical objects. The more objects they match, the more points they score. 

For Father’s Day, we’ve come up with a barbecue-themed one with barbecue products to be won, of course! So what do you think of it? Is this a campaign you could launch for your audience?


3. Obstacle run: drive with dad

The obstacle run is a fun and fast-paced running game that requires participants to run and avoid obstacles using sliding movements. In this version, the participant is learning to drive with his dad. An addictive game that will encourage your audience to spend more time on your website!

4. The catcher toolbox

In this catcher game, participants must catch as many tools as possible to win a voucher! A fun and engaging format for your audience that will help you increase the time spent on your channels.


Father’s Day marketing ideas accessible via our Studio

In case you have yet to learn about our Studio team, they are a team of enthusiastic project managers and professional graphic designers who know our tool inside out and are super creative! Here are a few gamification campaigns they created, especially for Father’s Day. If you want to reproduce one of them of your brand, don’t hesitate to contact them!

1. Escape game: TV time!

We all know our dads’ ability to stay awake in front of a movie. This gave our Studio team an idea: a revisited “escape game” where participants have to find something to watch as quickly as possible before their father falls asleep. Want to see what it will look like? We let you test our live campaign!

2. Jackpot: what time is it?

Did you know your jackpot doesn’t necessarily have to look like a slot machine? You can be as creative as you want and change the shape of your jackpot as you like. For Father’s Day, our Studio team has replaced the slot machine with watch boxes. The aim of the game is the same: participants must get three identical watches to win the prize!


3. Wheel of fortune: the wheel of wine

As for the jackpot example above, our Studio team has changed the shape of the wheel of fortune to make it look like a barrel of wine. Choose the prizes you want to put behind each slide (tasting, bottle of wine, glasses, etc.) and let participants speel the barrel to find out what they have won. 


Father’s Day marketing ideas launched by our users

Our users were also creative last year when launching their Father’s Day marketing campaigns with Qualifio. Here are some of them 😉

1. Nestlé’s Daddy Corner

Nestlé launched a powerful form inviting consumers to sign up for the Nestlé “Baby & Me Club” to receive the “Me, Daddy” book for free! They took the opportunity to ask different segmentation questions in the form, such as a question about their baby, in order to send personalised advice, tailored to the age of the recipients’ child.


2. Mr. Wonderful’s personality test

The personality test is one of the best formats to collect zero-party data while offering useful content to your audience. In this personality test created by Mr. Wonderful, customers can discover the gift they should offer their dad among Mr. Wonderful’s range of products.


3. Kiehl’s sampling campaign

To gather a lot of newsletter subscribers, Kiehl’s decided to create a newsletter form published on their website and give away samples of their products to the first 1,000 subscribers. An easy campaign to set up to collect first-party data! 


And here are the 16 Father’s Day marketing ideas to engage your community! If you want to get even more inspiration for this special occasion, have a look at our previous articles: