Easter is an excellent opportunity to interact with your audience and collect first-party and zero-party data. Do you need some inspiration to create the best interactive Easter marketing campaign? Well, we have selected several Easter marketing campaign ideas just for you! 

For this article, we’ve decided to divide our campaign ideas into three parts so that there is something for everyone 🍫 : 

1️⃣ Campaigns using our standard formats (calendar, wheel of fortune, personality test, etc.), that include Easter essentials and can be created easily and quickly.
2️⃣ Campaigns using our advanced formats (catcher, swap & match, obstacle run, etc.), that requires more preparation but will result in a fully personalised mini-game.
3️⃣ And last but not least, campaigns imagined by our Studio team, that give our campaigns a creative twist. If you encounter difficulties creating these campaigns or don’t have the internal resources to do so, you can contact our Studio team and they’ll be glad to build your campaign for you. 

4 Easter marketing campaign ideas using our standard formats

1. Calendar: the countdown to spring

Spring is all about nature’s renewal and flowers blossoming. With this calendar campaign, your audience can win a flower bouquet every day of the week. This is a creative marketing idea to celebrate the colours of spring and build audience loyalty by encouraging them to return to your channels daily with a new surprise each day. 

Calendar image: countdown to spring

2. Hidden object: the virtual egg hunt

What would Easter be without its famous egg hunt? Let your audience regain their childhood spirit! In this Easter marketing campaign idea, they need to find eggs hidden on supermarket shelves. 

If you’re an FMCG brand or a retailer, why not also organise an egg hunt in-store and invite consumers to go online to finish their egg hunt.

Easter marketing campaign ideas: hidden object image

3. Quiz: the star eggs

In which movies or series have you seen these eggs? This quiz allows you to interact with your customers and test their film knowledge! Fun, right! 

To create this quiz, you need to use the instant check question format that instantly validates the participants’ answers and allows them to retry until they find the correct answer.

Quiz image : the star eggs

4. Personality test: what type of chocolate are you?

For this campaign, we used the personality test format enabling users to find what type of chocolate they are.

With the personality test, you can unleash your creativity and create up to 26 profiles for everyone to enjoy. Then, to increase your brand’s visibility and attract more users, let participants share their profile on their social media with a custom message you can set up in advance. 

Discover in this FAQ how to make a personality test step by step

Easter marketing campaign ideas: personality test image 1
Personality test image 2: what type of chocolate are you

5 Easter marketing campaign ideas using our advanced formats

💡 Note: the advanced formats are available as an add-on to your licence. This means that, to be able to create these games on your own, you will need to pay an additional fee to your licence, except for Platinum licences, for whom the add-on is included.

We currently have a special offer for existing Qualifio users, making the first three games of our add-on (catcher, penalty and swap & match) available for free. Contact us for more info on our advanced formats.

1. Swap & match: seasonal vegetables

Everyone has played the game Candy Crush at least once in their lives. It’s a super addictive game; you could spend hours playing it. And guess what!? We have an advanced format using similar mechanics: the “swap & match”.   

In the campaign example below, your audience needs to swap vegetables or fruits to make a column or a row of at least three identical vegetables or fruits. Of course, the more they match, the more points they get. 

👉 An example is worth a thousand words. So it’s now your turn to test our swap & match game!

2. Obstacle run: spring cleaning!

💡Note: the “obstacle run” is our newest and fourth advanced format! This game is available as an add-on to your licence. Contact us for more info on our advanced formats.

It’s spring cleaning time! We’re excited to show you the new advanced format we have developed called the “obstacle run”. 

The obstacle run is a fun and fast-paced course game that requires participants to run and avoid obstacles using sliding movements. In the example below, participants have to vacuum up the dirt and watch out for the cat! 

Obstacle run image: spring cleaning!

3. Obstacle run: it’s time to take a break

Now that you know more about our new advanced format, it’s time to test it in real-time! All you have to do is avoid the birds and catch the suitcases. A playful campaign to wish your audience a happy holiday and, why not, offer the best player a well-deserved break 😉 

👉 Let’s go!

PS: this game is ready to use in your account! Contact us for more info on our advanced formats.

4. Catcher game: prepare your suitcase!

As Easter is the perfect time to travel, we have imagined a second campaign on the theme of holidays using our catcher game. In this game, participants need to prepare their suitcases by catching clothes falling from the top. 

Catcher image: prepare your suitcase

5. Shooting game: put all the eggs in one basket 

The penalty game can be so much more than just a football game! Here, we have adapted it to the Easter season. Instead of kicking the ball into the net, participants need to throw the egg into the basket and watch out for the chickens!

Easter marketing campaign ideas: penalty image

4 Easter marketing campaign ideas imagined by our Studio team

If you have any questions or need help creating the ideas below, don’t hesitate to contact our fantastic Studio team. They’ll be happy to help you build your campaign 😉

1. Wheel of fortune: I love you a little, a lot, passionately…

What will you get from this wheel of fortune? A compliment, a gift or nothing? Give it a spin and find out! 

This fun campaign idea is a twist on our wheel of fortune format to make it look like a daisy. You’re free to choose what you want to put behind each petal to surprise your audience: either only compliments to spread joy or unique gifts to attract even more participants.

👉 Turn the wheel and find out!

2. Jackpot: get three identical eggs to win a gift!

Will you be lucky today? The jackpot format features a machine slot that participants need to activate. The cool thing with this format is that you can really shape the jackpot as you wish! Here the machine is represented by an egg box and, to win, participants need to get three identical eggs. With this marketing campaign, users will immediately know if they have won something… or not! 

👉 Test it now!

3. Branching: how to save energy? 

It’s essential to save energy, especially with rising energy prices. This Easter marketing campaign idea uses branching, allowing you to create dynamic surveys and personality tests that adapt to the participant’s answers.

In the example below, participants need to click on the different parts of the house to get more info on how to save energy.  

Easter marketing campaign ideas: branching image 1

Branching image 2: how to save energy

4. Checklist: how to make an Easter bunny garland? 

Why not promote crafts for Easter? We’ve created a campaign example with an Easter bunny garland. The principle is quite simple: thanks to the checklist format, participants can see all the materials they need to create a garland, and they need to tick what they still need to buy. The exit screen will display all the items they need to get with a special discount to purchase them. 

A perfect campaign to engage your consumers, promote your products and boost your sales! 

Easter marketing campaign ideas: checklist image
Checklist image: how to make an Easter bunny garland?

Bonus: Delhaize’s Easter marketing campaign

Last year, the retailer Delhaize gave away more than 10,000 packets of chocolate eggs! To win a packet, participants had to move the bunny holding a caddy and catch a maximum of eggs while avoiding the obstacles (egg shells, chillies and banana peels).

The 10,000 participants with the best scores won a packet of Easter eggs – a good incentive to play and try your luck, right?  

Easter marketing campaign ideas: Delhaize

There you go! 14 campaign ideas for your brand to engage your audience around Easter and the return of spring. Now you’re ready to create the best interactive marketing campaign for Easter. If you need more inspiration, read our other articles on the same topic!

Easter marketing campaign ideas: page Easter image