This is it! Our complete marketing calendar 2021 is now available for free download. Last year, more than 10K marketers from top European brands downloaded our marketing calendar and used it to plan their campaigns and promotions in advance.

Whether it’s international cat day, coffee day, or world blog day, you’ll discover all the dates you shouldn’t miss this year, and you can leverage for brand awareness, engagement and data collection.


Download the marketing calendar 2021

When creating your campaigns, it’s essential to have a clear overview of all the events that will punctuate the year. That’s precisely what you’ll find in our marketing calendar 2021: a global vision of all the key events, from January to December 2021. But, that’s not all. You’ll receive each month inspiration and interactive marketing ideas to make the most of all these events. Moreover, this year’s marketing calendar has a brand new look and feel! You’ll get:

  1. A summary page per month with key dates, links to inspiring articles and a space to take notes;
  2. A whole-year calendar with international days, sports and cultural events, holidays, feast days, etc.
  3. A link to add the marketing calendar in your Google calendar.

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Make the most of this whole-year calendar

There are many events throughout the year around which you can create content to engage your audience, increase your visibility and collect data. Here’s a small glimpse of the key dates per month.


January kicks off a new year! People are making new year’s resolutions, looking for a fresh start and for opportunities to spend their Christmas money. The perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to new customers and help them achieve their goals.

The top 5 events in January:

  • 1/01 – New year
  • 17/01 – International day of Italian cuisine
  • 18 to 31 – Australian Open
  • 19/01 – Popcorn day
  • 28/01 – Data privacy day


Bye, bye January and good resolutions! From Pizza day to world NUTELLA® day and Valentine’s Day, February is an opportune time for you to get creative and use promotions on your best products to grow your sales.

The top 5 events in February:

  • 9/02 – Pizza day
  • 13/02 – New York Fashion Week
  • 14/02 – Valentine’s day
  • 17/02 to 7/03 – FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • 28/02 – 78th Annual Golden Globe® Awards


March marks the end of the cold winter months and the beginning of spring. Use this happy season to promote your products and hook your customers back to your brand. International women’s day, St. Patrick or Global recycling day are excellent opportunities to engage your community.

The top 5 events in March:

  • 8/03 – International women’s day
  • 17/03 – St. Patrick’s day
  • 18/03 – Global recycling day
  • 19/03 – World sleep day
  • 20/03 – Spring


It’s Easter time! Before eggs, chicks and other chocolate bunnies invade us, create funny and original content around April fool’s day to stay connected to your digital audiences and keep them engaged. Use also this month to address more sensitive topics with the world health day and the international earth day.

The top 5 events in April:

  • 1/04 – April fool’s day
  • 5/04 – Easter Monday
  • 7/04 – World health day
  • 22/04 – International earth day
  • 25/04 – 93rd Academy Awards (Oscars)


In May, there’s something to celebrate every single day. From world press freedom day to international no diet day and mother’s day, you can really set your creativity free this month. It’s the return of summer feelings after all!

The top 5 events in May:

  • 3/05 – World press freedom day
  • 6/05 – International no diet day
  • 9/05 – Mother’s Day ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  – 30/05 ?? ??
  • 11 to 22 – Cannes Film Festival
  • 23/05 to 6/06 – Roland Garros


After our beloved moms, it’s time to celebrate our fathers! But that’s not all. June is a busy month. World environment day, European Football Championship , beginning of Summer, Tour de France, etc. should inspire you and your marketing teams to create original campaigns.

The top 5 events in June:

  • 5/06 – World environment day
  • 11/06 to 11/07 – European Football Championship
  • Father’s Day 5 ??  – 13 ??  – 14 ?? ??  – 20 ??  ??  ??
  • 21/06 – Summer
  • 26 to 18 – Tour de France


Are you wondering how you are going to engage your audiences and promote your brand during the “slow” season? There you go: word chocolate day, world emoji day, Olympic games, the international day of friendship and much more. Summer is an excellent occasion to take care of your community and work on your content strategy.

The top 5 events in July:

  • 7/07 – World chocolate day
  • 16 to 18 / 23 to 25 – Tomorrowland
  • 17/07 – World emoji day
  • 23/07 to 8/08 – Olympic Games
  • 30/07 – International day of friendship


Yes, August is a big month for vacations, but there’s more! While parents are preparing for back-to-school and families are thinking about a last-minute trip, others are celebrating the international beer day and the international dog day. Pick the event that fits your brand the best to engage your community and promote your products.

The top 5 events in August:

  • 6/08 – International beer day
  • 12/08 – International youth day
  • 24/08 to 5/09 – Summer Paralympics
  • 26/08 – International dog day
  • 30/08 to 12/09 – US Open


If you used the slower period to think about your back-to-school campaigns and promotions, it’s now time to launch them. September is the perfect time to offer promotions and price discounts to your customers and prospects.

The top 5 events in September:

  • 1/09 – Back to school
  • 4/09 – World beard day
  • 18 to 16 – Rugby World Cup
  • 22/09 – Autumn
  • 27/09 – World tourism day


Time to think about how you’re going to scare your audiences for Halloween and run some discounts and promotions on your seasonal products. Don’t also forget to take advantage of two international days that will be unanimously acclaimed: the international coffee day and the world food day.

The top 5 events in October:

  • 1/10 – International coffee day
  • 5/10 – World teachers’ day
  • 16/10 – World food day
  • 25/10 – Winter time
  • 31/10 – Halloween


November is usually a hectic month with so much going on. Make sure your campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ready, and if you only want to engage your community, leverage Movember, the world vegan day or the world television day.

The top 5 events in November:

  • All month – Movember
  • 1/11 – World vegan day
  • 21/11 – World television day
  • 25/11 – Thanksgiving
  • 26/11 – Black Friday


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ?  Like everyone, you’re going to be focused on your Christmas sales, promotions and campaigns. Don’t forget you can also take advantage of the human rights day and the ugly Christmas sweater day.

The top 5 events in December:

  • 10/12 – Human rights day
  • 17/12 – Ugly Christmas sweater day
  • 21/12 – Winter
  • 25/12 – Christmas
  • 31/12 – New Year’s Eve

There you are! Download our marketing calendar 2021 to discover all the dates you shouldn’t miss this year as well as inspirational articles.