Your go-to-guide for interactive & creative summer marketing campaigns


Marketers, content managers and editorialists, summer is starting now! How to continue to engage your audiences and collect data during this period? How to come up with actions that will be fun for your audience and profitable for your business?

There are different ways to live this period with your digital audiences. In this ebook, you will find 10 interactive and creative marketing campaigns ideas, easy to set up and profitable for summer.

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To give you a taste of what you’ll find in this ebook, here are two of our campaign ideas.

1. Create a fun and informative interactive campaign

With summer, temperatures rise and sun exposure too. The perfect occasion to inform your web users about the sun’s benefits and risks. And why don’t you do it interactively? We have imagined a playful prevention campaign with the “hidden object” format. Web users must find the sunscreen hidden in the image before the lady turns red. Take advantage of the exit screen to raise users’ awareness of the health risks of UV rays.

Alternative: imagine an awareness campaign in the form of a quiz. Ask questions to your audience about the sun’s benefits and risks, and add challenge by excluding participants from the first wrong answer. Add a gift to encourage your users to participate.

2. Learn more about your users’ travel habits

The personality test is a very useful format if you want to learn more about your web users to offer them personalised marketing content.
In the “Do you need travel insurance?” personality test that we’ve imagined, web users have to answer various questions about their next vacation. How long are you staying? Are you going with your children? Are you planning to rent a car? Once the test completed, the exit screen shows them the most appropriate insurance and a call to action to learn more about the insurance on the company’s website.


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