As May waves goodbye, we can say that it has been a great month for marketing campaigns! And with spring reaching its end, brands are seizing the opportunity to infuse them with the vibrant energy of the season. It’s now time to look back and highlight the top interactive marketing campaigns created by our talented users this month. 

From Mother’s Day-themed initiatives to captivating gamified experiences, brands showcased fantastic creativity. 

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s go! 

1. Dogofriends’ photo and video contest 

This month, dog lovers were treated to an exciting opportunity with Dogofriends’ special photo and video contest for the brand Pro Plan.  

How did it work? Participants had to post photos or videos of their furry friends with their newly received package or enjoying their treats. Creativity was key, and the lucky winner had the chance to get six months of free dog food for their beloved companion. 

With our new photo gallery, you can now give your audience the possibility to post both photos and videos in one convenient place. Click here to learn more about the differences between the old and the new gallery!

This initiative was a great way for the agency to promote the brand’s products while engaging its audience. Moreover, as participants had the opportunity to share their posts on various social media, this also increased the brand’s awareness and the campaign’s potential for virality. 


2. Belorta’s food truck puzzle

As we already know, spring brings many tasty vegetables to our plates. That is why Belorta and Carrefour joined forces this year to make their Asparagus Festival 2024 unforgettable with an amazing puzzle.   

In all Carrefour stores, each Belorta asparagus pack contained a unique code, unlocking access to an exciting digital puzzle. Participants had to complete it at their best time and fill out a form to win a mouthwatering food truck meal delivered right to their doorstep. 

Not only was this a great initiative to drive in-store purchases, but it was also an original way to engage with their audience and collect newsletter opt-ins!


3. Compagnie des Alpes’ innovative swap & match

With spring’s arrival comes the sun’s warmth but also the call for adventure! And what better way to kick off the warmer seasons than with a trip to a theme park? However, with the number of visitors, queues at some attractions may be a bit lengthy. While the wait is always worth it, Companie des Alpes has developed an ingenious solution to keep their guests entertained.

The company has introduced a swap & match game for Bellewaerde Park, using our advanced format add-on, accessible via QR codes displayed on special screens in attraction waiting lines. This innovative initiative not only engages visitors but also allows the collection of valuable first-party and zero-party data. Adding to the excitement, participants were also given the chance to connect with the park through social media!


4. Sandaya’s family day memory game

To celebrate International Family Day on May 15th, Sandaya launched an engaging memory game designed to bring families together and create a memorable experience. Participants were encouraged to bring their entire family to play the game and match the pairs for a chance to win one of the four goody bags or a weekend trip to a Sandaya camping site.

This fun and interactive campaign not only aimed to engage Sandaya’s audience but also to collect valuable data such as their email address and their language. Leveraging international days is also a powerful strategy for brands to connect with their audience in meaningful ways and enhance their marketing efforts. 


5. Nuevo Centro Mother’s Day jackpot

Since getting the perfect gift for our beloved mothers can sometimes be tricky, Nuevo Centro shopping centre launched a thrilling Mother’s Day jackpot! To try their luck at winning one of the ten €20 vouchers to use at any of the centre’s stores, participants simply had to spin the jackpot and instantly see if they were a winner! 

This campaign was a great way to engage and connect with their audience while collecting valuable data such as phone numbers. 


If you’re interested in launching your own interactive campaign but need extra help making it happen, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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