Mother’s Day: 10 creative ideas to engage your audience and make the difference


It’s no news: Mother’s Day is an event not to be neglected from a marketing and commercial point of view. 60% of people in the U.K. celebrated their mothers in 2018 with an average budget of €67. While in the Netherlands and in France, 57% of the population celebrated Mother’s Day last year.

How to differentiate your brand this year and increase your visibility? How to engage your community and enrich your database? Here are 10 creative & interactive marketing campaign ideas for Mother’s Day, easy to create and to publish on your digital channels (website, social media, mobile app). Let’s go!

1. Celebrate mums on TV with a revisited Guess who?

Let’s start directly with a game which will unanimously be approved by your audience: the “Guess who?”. The game’s goal is simple: participants have to guess who’s behind a deteriorated image.

It’s your turn to play!

Tip to establish an audience’s loyalty: reveal a part of your image little by little. As one goes along (every day or every week, for example), the picture gets clearer to facilitate the gameplay.

Offer a gift to the winner to increase the number of participations and add a form with an opt-in for your newsletter to collect data, and that’s it 😉

2. Choose a must-have: the personality test

What is your mother like?” Last Mother’s Day, the National Lottery created a personality test, directly integrated on its website thanks to an iframe.

national-lottery-personality-test-mothers-day national-lottery-personality-test-mothers-day

To discover the scratch ticket they would offer to their mom and personalise their gift bag, the users had to answer various questions such as “when your mom receives friends at home, she…“, “when she goes shopping, she…“, etc. Then, the test displayed the scratch ticket matching their mother’s personality better, with a short explanation for each one.

3. Invite your users to generate content through a photo contest

That’s exactly what the Belgian TV channel RTL-TVI, in collaboration with ICI Paris XL, did last year. Together, they organised a competition inviting participants to upload the most beautiful picture of their mother-daughter duo on the RTL Play platform.

photo-contest-rtl-tvi-ici-paris-xl-mothers-day photo-contest-rtl-tvi-ici-paris-xl-mothers-day

To make it easier for the participants, RTL-TVI connected Qualifio to its own authentication system (SSO or Single Sign-On). Thus, participants who already had an online RTL account only had to enter their email address and password to validate their participation, while others had to create an account to participate. An excellent way to boost the number of RTL accounts created!

The RTL teams then selected the 53 winning photos among all those sent.

4. Organise a battle of your products to know your audience’s preferences

A battle is the ideal format to know your audience’s preferences but also to highlight your products! Organise a poll between two of your products and offer your users the possibility to win a copy for their mother. Add a form at the end of the battle and choose the winners with a draw.


5. Celebrate badass moms with a “true or false”

Where would we be without our mothers? Imagine a “true or false” putting forward the extraordinary, incredible or heroic acts accomplished by mothers around the world for their children.


Other quiz ideas:

  • The most badass moms in movie history
  • Badass moms who made the History

6. Give your audience original activity ideas to do for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day means finding a nice gift. Make it easier for your users by giving them activity ideas to do with their moms, thanks to a checklist! Participants just have to check the activities they like among a list of suggested answers. At the end of the list, a personalised message is displayed, which can be shared on social media.


Tip: take the opportunity to send a personalised newsletter to your participants with more information about the most popular activities.

7. Combine contest and cooking for Mother’s Day

That’s what Nestlé did with a “ranking” campaign. To try to win a kitchen robot, participants had to put the steps of the recipe in the right order as fast as possible. A “did you know?” box with a little tip was also provided at the end of the recipe. A simple, original and fun campaign!

nestle-contest-kitchen-robot nestle-contest-kitchen-robot

8. Offer branded colourings and cards to print

Just as Andros did with its edutainment campaign, offer the youngest of your audience colouring and cards to print for their mothers. To increase your brand visibility, customise your colouring and cards with your logo and colours.


9. Tell your mom how much you love her

Invite your audience to write a letter to their mothers. Reward the participant who wrote the most beautiful letter or the one with the most votes by offering them a gift or “visibility” like the STIB-MIVB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) did with its writing contest for Valentine’s Day. The winning declarations were displayed on the network’s wait time screens at various locations in Brussels.


This contest works for both children and adults 😉

10. Organise a contest for the mothers-to-be

One last campaign for the road, just because it’s super original! Easyjet launched with Buzzman a campaign for the mothers-to-be.


All participants had to post a picture of their belly with the hashtag #AlmostMothersDay on Instagram to try to win a trip before their baby arrives. The top 10 participants with the most votes were winning a round trip for 2 people to the destination of their choice.

Need more inspirations? Here are more campaigns ideas for Mother’s Day!


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