Unique codes: connect online & offline worlds

It was already possible to use unique codes as a key giving an access to a Qualifio campaign.

A new feature allows you to generate (or import) lists of unique codes within the platform. In the statistics each code is now linked with a specific game.

How does it work?

You distribute these unique codes in a magazine, on a flyer, on a product, per email… It’s an opportunity to thank a customer or give a VIP access to your online campaigns.

Once the option activated, a specific field appears in the Welcome screen of your campaign. Participants should type their code to access the following screen. The code is immediately burned and can’t be used anymore.

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Attract a specific audience on your website!

It’s also an opportunity to attract a specific audience on your different channels : website, Facebook page, mobile app.

It’s a true opportunity to qualify of your audiences and get more data.

How does it work in Qualifio?

Click here to access the tutorial on the Qualifio’s Help centre.

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What is Qualifio?

Qualifio is the leading platform for interactive marketing and data collection. It allows you to easily create and publish viral content (quizzes, contests, surveys and 50+ other formats) to all your channels.Learn more