Woo-hoo! Spring has officially begun, and the energy is contagious! 🥳 The air is buzzing with excitement, and brands’ creativity is in full bloom. To kickstart the season on a high note, we selected five incredible interactive marketing campaigns from our users this month.

Come along and discover how these brands are embracing the essence of spring to engage their audience and collect valuable first-party and zero-party data.

Get ready to be inspired!

1. LolaLiza’s holiday obstacle run

This month, LolaLiza decided to treat their audience with a spring-themed obstacle run. Participants had to catch as many branded bags as possible while dodging the sunshades and seagulls. 

As a reward, each participant received a €8 discount, while one lucky winner scored a dreamy weekend getaway for two in Nice!

The interactive marketing campaign was a great engagement success and also allowed LolaLiza to collect valuable data as well as newsletter opt-ins.


2. Nespresso’s coffee break quiz

If you are a coffee lover, you’ll understand the importance of drinking a great brew to kickstart your work day. Nespresso knows this feeling all too well, which is why they launched an engaging quiz with an amazing reward.

How did it work? Participants had to answer a few questions for a chance to win the ultimate “coffee break” experience. The package included services such as the installation of a Nespresso professional coffee machine, a tasty breakfast with their finest coffee, a personal barista and much more!

This initiative not only allowed Nespresso to connect with their audience but also provided a great opportunity to collect actionable data from potential customers, such as newsletter opt-ins or the different coffee brands present in offices.


3. The big Pluxee’s rebranding contest

Pluxee (formerly known as Sodexo BRS) decided to launch an exciting contest using our interactive calendar format, to celebrate their rebranding.

Starting on March 12th, participants were treated to a new game or campaign each day, offering them the chance to win exclusive rewards. These prizes included services and products from merchants of the Pluxee network.

This interactive contest engaged their audience and was also a great way to retain them. The daily participation encouraged individuals to return day after day, eagerly taking part in each successive contest.


4. Veepee’s wheel of fortune

To turn shopping into a thrilling experience for their audience, Veepee CH launched an exciting wheel of fortune and offered them the opportunity to win amazing prizes. 

Participants simply had to spin the wheel to determine if luck was on their side. The lucky winners had the chance to win discounts as well as free delivery vouchers. 

This initiative was an excellent way for the platform to boost sales and encourage purchases among active members while strengthening the relationship with their audience.


5. Club Employés’ suitcase catcher 

Who doesn’t love a free trip or weekend getaway? That’s why Club Employés introduced a special vacation-themed catcher game for their platform users. 

The concept was simple: players had 40 seconds to catch as many travel essentials as possible, and the top scorers had the opportunity to win an incredible getaway! 

This interactive marketing campaign was a fantastic way to engage their users in a fun and unique manner while also increasing their time spent on their digital channels.


That concludes our campaign of the month article. We hope you enjoyed it and that it provided you with some interesting ideas for your next interactive marketing campaigns. 

And if you’re looking for more inspiration for upcoming events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or the Olympics check out our articles on these topics!

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