Spring has arrived, bringing with it a bouquet of special occasions that your brand can leverage! With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time to prepare, honouring the unconditional love that we share with our parents. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with your audience and boost your sales with captivating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing campaign ideas.

In the past, we shared amazing ideas to fuel your creativity in creating campaigns for those special occasions. This year, we’re shaking things up by curating “la crème de la crème” of our marketing campaign ideas to assist you in making Mother’s and Father’s Day unforgettable for your audience while collecting valuable first-party and zero-party data.

Dive into it now!

5 Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing ideas using our standard formats

1. Calendar: countdown to celebration

Who said parents could only be celebrated once a year? Keep the love flowing with the introduction of a digital calendar. Choose your desired duration, and every day, present your audience with a fresh campaign — whether it’s a contest, a promotion, a game, or any other challenge. This innovative format helps you connect with your audience and is a fantastic opportunity to keep your audience engaged for a longer period while collecting first- and zero-party data. 


2. Photo contest: recreate your parents’ photos

No matter the occasion, UGC is always a great choice! Not only does it infuse your brand with authenticity, but it’s also a unique way for you to engage your audience. And the best part? Those formats have the highest virality potential. If you want to increase your brand’s visibility, a photo contest is the way to go!

How about launching one for your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing campaigns? You can push your audience to recreate their parent’s photos. Or you can even add a unique touch by using our photo editor!


3. Gift guide: a fragrance guide

Let’s be honest. Each year, finding the perfect gift for our parents on those special days can be a real challenge. That’s why a gift guide is the ideal Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing campaign! It is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products by adding a call-to-action on the exit screen linking to your website.

And if your main objective is to collect valuable data, you can further incentivise participation by including promotional codes for some lucky participants!

Since perfume is always a nice gift to give, we decided to image a fragrance guide. Participants simply need to answer a few questions to receive a personalised perfume recommendation!


4. Wheel of fortune: what should you read next?

If you are looking for a fun user-friendly way to give out prizes or discounts, the wheel of fortune is made for you! Why not incorporate this format into your upcoming Mother’s day and Father’s day marketing campaigns?

In our example, we’ve crafted a wheel to help participants select their next book. Users simply need to spin the wheel to discover their next must-read.


5. Escape game: the morning routine

Are you up for a challenge? If you love the thrill of a physical escape game, you’ll be excited to know that you can now craft your own digital version! In this fun format, participants must find clues and solve riddles to “escape” within time. The participant’s answer is validated instantly, allowing them to “redo” the question.

It’s game time! Catherine needs to go to work. But before that, she needs to complete her morning routine. Help her be on time!

3 Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing campaigns using our advanced formats

The advanced formats are highly engaging games that are accessible via an add-on to your licence. This paid add-on will offer you exclusive games that will elevate your campaigns. Contact us for more details! 

These formats will be a unique and fun way for you to engage your audience while increasing their average session time on your channels. It is also a great way to promote your products differently while collecting valuable first- and zero-party data.

Check out our campaign examples made with some of our advanced-formats! And if you like the format but want to adapt it to your needs, you can do it! They’re all fully customisable to align perfectly with your vision and brand identity.

Are you looking for another format? Browse our catalogue to explore our complete advanced format range.

1. Catcher: toolmaster 

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging format for your audience, the catcher is perfect for you!

For Father’s Day, we’ve created a catcher toolbox where participants must catch as many tools as possible to win a discount coupon.


2. Swap & match: it’s barbecue time

Are you a fan of the Candy Crush game? It is now possible for you to create your own digital version!

For Father’s Day, we created a barbecue-themed swap & match game in which participants have to match different barbecue objects with the opportunity to win unique products.


3. Obstacle run: drive with dad

The obstacle run is a fast-paced and addictive running game that will require participants to run and avoid obstacles.

Now it’s your turn to play! Let’s go back in time and learn to drive with your dad.

We hope that you enjoyed our best Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing campaign ideas! Looking for additional inspiration? Take a peek at our previous Mother’s Day and Father’s Day articles! And if you have a brilliant campaign idea not yet in our catalogue, connect with our talented Studio team. Let’s brainstorm together and turn your vision into reality! 🔥

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