Greetings, marketers! February is coming to a close, and Spring is approaching fast. While Valentine’s Day may be over, the love for innovative interactive marketing campaigns and audience engagement is still on the rise.

To finish winter on a high note, we have specially curated five of the best campaigns created by our customers and Studio team just for you. Join us and explore how brands are connecting with their audiences and enriching their databases with first- and zero-party data this month!

1. Royal Swinkels’ beer battle swiper

After launching their special beer lovers webshop “Dare to Drink Different” in 2021, Royal Swinkels decided to treat their audience this month. For Valentine’s Day the brand crafted a beer swiper and offered them the chance to win a unique meal experience for two. 

Participants had to swipe left if it wasn’t a match or right for their favourite brews and also had the opportunity to discover more information about each product.

This interactive marketing campaign successfully educated their audience about their diverse portfolio while fostering engagement and helped the brand collect valuable data. 


2. Elle’s love calendar

Elle France brought a touch of magic to Valentine’s Day with the launch of their “love calendar”. Running from February 1st to the 14th, each day, participants had the opportunity to win amazing prizes from the magazine’s partners 🤩

Not only did the calendar help the brand collect data about potential subscribers, but it also helped them retain their audience. Indeed, the daily participation element encouraged individuals to return on consecutive days as they participated in successive contests.


3. Moulinex’s love-infused memory game

Since the start of their reward program, Moulinex launched various campaigns around key events of the year. Valentine’s Day was no exception, as they released two special campaigns for the occasion! 

The first one was a memory game in which participants had to find pairs of various home appliances in order to win a 15% discount on their next purchase. 


For their second campaign, the brand decided to create a wholesome and fun compliment generator. How did it work? Participants were invited to select a compliment from a pre-made list and send it to the person of their choice. If you’re interested in this format and want further information on how to create your own generator, reach out to us!


This was a fantastic way for Moulinex to engage and connect with their audience while collecting first-party data. 

4. Eurocommercial’s romantic “guess who?” game

This year, in celebration of the season of love, Eurocommercial introduced a series of Valentine’s Day-themed campaigns. One of them was the “guess who?” game launched by Centre Azur, spotlighting famous Disney couples. 

Participants had to guess the correct names of the characters hiding behind the blur, all within the time limit. Those achieving top scores were in the running for an amazing prize – a dreamy getaway for two to Disneyland Paris! 

This interactive marketing campaign was a great opportunity for the brand to collect data, such as participants’ phone numbers and birthdays, by adding a form before the game. 


The world pizza day games portal 🍕

Whether you’re a strong supporter of pineapple on pizza or think of it as an abomination, this gaming portal is a perfect illustration of how your brand can leverage international days this year.

Take a peek at the games created for the occasion by our talented Studio team. And if you like what you see and want to kick off a similar campaign or need extra help for another amazing idea 👉 don’t hesitate to contact them!2024 is full of surprises and amazing events that your brand can benefit from. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that lie ahead! If you haven’t already, download our marketing calendar featuring more than 370 key events of the year.

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