Everybody loves a quiz 🤓

No matter their industry, Qualifio users continue to come up with creative ways to use the platform’s 50+ interactive marketing formats. Among other objectives, these formats help them engage with their audiences, identify their members by collecting their data, and enrich individual data profiles. 

Our users launch thousands of campaigns every year, collecting massive amounts of first- and zero-party data and successfully engaging their communities. In the process, they also generate large quantities of information regarding the usage of the Qualifio platform.

The people’s format 👑

Last year, we dug deep into the data generated by 30 of our top users across Europe, and analysed the usage of different formats and their performance, along with other statistics 💡 In the process, we uncovered very interesting trends about how various industries use our platform, resulting in the creation of our first Qualifio Insights Report.

One thing was clear: the quiz format is the best-performing format across all industries using Qualifio, amassing the biggest share of participations through their campaigns. The quiz format is also the most popular one in most industries, leading in terms of usage compared to the rest of our catalogue.

This comes as no surprise! 😇 The quiz format is among the easiest ones to create. It allows for countless combinations and is highly successful when collecting data and boosting engagement around other content. And you know what? Creating questionnaires with Qualifio’s quiz format got even easier and faster in 2023 with the release of the AI question generator 🧠

Accelerating with the AI question generator ⚡️

2023 was, without a doubt, the year of artificial intelligence. It became a topic of our daily conversations, and all industries started implementing it in their operations to one extent or another. Of course, Qualifio was not left behind, and we launched our first AI-powered feature in August of the same year 🎉

AI is revolutionising every field at a huge pace and has great potential to enhance Qualifio’s capabilities. You can imagine it being involved in many areas of the platform and simplifying how you use it: translating campaigns, automated picture moderation or generating text or visual content for other formats!

Olivier de Lamotte Head of Product @ Qualifio

Up until then, Qualifio users could easily create questionnaires with the quiz format. When creating multiple-choice questionnaires, the process would require creating one question at a time, as well as a number of potential answers.

This definitely does not sound bad, but imagine your job involved creating multiple quiz campaigns every day to accompany different types of content, such as articles or videos. This would require a lot of your time and resources, as you’d need to quickly learn about a specific topic and think out questions and answers around it. Over and over again 🤯

This kind of scenario made us realise that there was an opportunity for improvement with the help of artificial intelligence. Since the launch of the AI question generator, creating multiple quizzes every day isno longer an energy- or time-consuming task! 😊

A “before and after” in quiz creation

The AI question generator is available in the quiz, chrono quiz, and cumulative points quiz formats. But, how does it work?

1️⃣ Choose the type of question for your questionnaire.

2️⃣ Define the number of questions (1-15) and answers (2-5) you want to generate.

3️⃣ Assign a number of points to each correct answer.

4️⃣ Provide AI with an input text or command… and voilà!

In seconds, the AI question generator produces a ready-to-go questionnaire that you can add to your campaigns. Of course, if you choose to do so, all the suggested questions and answers are manually editable — but it’s nothing you’ll have to worry about 😉 Oh! And you can ask it to replace any questions or answers with new ones.

As you can imagine, this tool has revolutionised the way our users create questionnaires for their campaigns with Qualifio 🌟

More specifically, it has had a deep impact on the daily lives of those users whose jobs required them to create questionnaires recurringly, saving them a lot of time and resources that they can use somewhere else ⏰ But it’s not just them benefiting from this new feature. The AI question generator has made quiz creation easier and more accessible to everyone, whatever their experience with the platform.

With the quiz format being the most popular one for most of our users, it is not easy to measure the amount of time and resources saved when creating questions and answers. More time and resources for some means more quizzes, more engagement, more contests in which their audience can participate, and more data to collect 🚀

Have you tried the AI question generator yet? 🤩 Go to Qualifio and join many of your fellow users who have already made a drastic change in the way they create their questionnaires with this powerful tool!

Try it now!

To find it, click on Create a new campaign > Quizzes, contests & predictions > Quiz or contest with questions and choose Classic, Cumulative points or Chrono quiz. When you arrive at the questionnaire step of the campaign, select Add AI-generated questions

Any doubts about how to use the AI question generator? We explain how to do so step by step in this article.