Personalised marketing? Yeah, tailoring your communications to the identity, interests and preferences of each individual in your audience… we’ve all heard about it! Although it might not be a complicated concept to implement, personalised marketing requires access to all kinds of information about those individuals receiving the communications.

Interactive marketing campaigns provide a great value exchange for individuals to share their precious first- and zero-party data with you, a first step towards personalising your communications. Today, we look into two tools that are essential to this data collection process: forms and opt-ins.

We recently published our second Qualifio Insights Report, this time digging into piles of data regarding the use of forms and opt-ins in Qualifio campaigns, and the results are fascinating! The analysis comprises all Qualifio campaigns created by over 30 major consumer brands based in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and the UK between September 2022 and September 2023.

Don’t have time to read our report? Worry not! We have selected its key takeaways and condensed them into three infographics.

Use of forms and opt-ins in Qualifio: 3 infographics

As mentioned above, we focused our analysis on form and opt-in use in Qualifio campaigns. This analysis led us to different findings that we have broken down into 3 infographics for 3 industries: media, sports clubs and entertainment, and FMCG.

In each of the three infographics, you’ll find the following:

1. A dive into the use of forms

Find out about the relationship between forms and interactive marketing campaigns: how often do forms appear in interactive marketing campaigns? What is their place in these? Is their completion rate better if they’re displayed before or after the interactive content? 

2. Key insights on opt-in use

Explore the role of opt-ins in interactive marketing campaigns! Discover how often they are used, what types of opt-ins there are, which ones are the most successful, and more.

Now, the wait is over. Let’s have a look at our 3 infographics:

Do you want to read our complete Qualifio Insights Report? You can download it right here!