The Star Wars Marketing Quiz

  • Which of these pictures was the first to be posted on the Star Wars instagram account ?
  • In 1976, before the release of the first Star Wars, a marvel comics and a book were released in order to get in touch with the early science fiction fans.
  • Wich chain, in a collaboration with Coca Cola was the first fast food partner of Star Wars for the release of The Return of The Jedi ?
  • In 1976, one year before the release of the first Star Wars, at which famous comics conference were the actors and the movie presented ?
  • Which Star Wars trailer was the first to be published on the Internet ?
  • During the promo of “The Revenge of the sith”, which character was presented out of the galaxy, in our real world, in an advertising for Pepsi ?
  • For the first launch, in how many movie theaters was Star Wars supposed to be screened?
  • How many views on youtube for the trailer of “The Force Awakens” in December 2015 ?
  • Which famous film corporation did introduce the merchandising around Star Wars movies?
  • What’s the name of the famous merchandising droid sold for the promotion of “The Force Awakens”?


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