Even though the flowers haven’t bloomed and the birds aren’t chirping yet, Easter is almost here! Spring brings renewal, joy, and a lot of marketing opportunities. Brands are getting ready for the upcoming season — the hunt for innovative spring and Easter marketing campaigns is on!

And if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ve created 11 inspirational Easter marketing campaigns designed to spark your creativity, along with a special bonus.

Whether you’re looking to boost your audience engagement with gamification or enrich your database with valuable first- and zero-party data, these ideas will guide you in filling your Easter basket with success.

Let’s get right in and discover the campaigns!

6 Easter marketing campaigns to hop into success

1. “Repeat it!” game: Easter bells

While bunnies are the stars in many countries, Easter bells symbolise new beginnings and the start of spring.

How could you use them in one of your Easter marketing campaigns? A great example would be with a “repeat it!” game. 

Unlock this format with our advanced formats add-on, an optional enhancement for your existing license. This paid add-on will provide you with exclusive arcade games to elevate your campaigns. Reach out to us for further details!

Take a peek at our example, where you have to repeat the sequences of bell images (and sounds, of course!). It starts simple, but beware — it gets more challenging each round 🥵


2. Photo contest: pets & poses

This year, boost your Easter marketing campaigns by leveraging the potential of user-generated content

A photo contest will be the perfect way to strengthen your relationship with your audience while collecting valuable data. 

And if you want to get away from the usual Easter DIY contest, don’t hesitate to add a touch of originality to your campaign. An idea would be to incorporate your furry friend into the fun! What about a photo contest where people must dress up their animals for Easter? And don’t forget to try out our new gallery! ⚡️

Talking about cuteness overload, check out our example!


3. Personality test: your ideal Easter vacation

If you want to enrich your database, a personality test is the way to go! You will be able to collect valuable data while boosting your sales for targeted products. How? By creating specific profiles based on your customers’ answers.  

But that is not all! This format is the most likely to go viral on social media, as participants can share their profile results, pushing others to play. 

This format isn’t just for Easter, it’s perfect for all kinds of events your brand wants to leverage, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas or other international days.

Despite the Easter chocolate rush, we’re celebrating the vacation spirit this year. Explore our Easter marketing campaign, featuring a personality test to discover your dream Easter escape. So, between chocolate and vacation, which will you choose?

4. Guess who: rabbit icons

Another great way to engage your audience and collect data is with a guess who game, accessible with our quiz format. We’ve said it before, but quizzes are another popular way to engage your audience and collect valuable first- and zero-party data.

Why opt for a quiz format for your upcoming Easter marketing campaigns?

  • They are user-friendly;
  • They offer endless possibilities with different question and answer formats ( click on an image, checkboxes, etc.);
  • They are fully customisable for any special event; 
  • And so much more!

Since Easter bunnies steal the show, what about making a quiz about them? In our example, we wanted to highlight famous bunny characters from shows and movies. The challenge? Find the name of the hidden bunny in the picture 🐰


5. Gift guide: which holiday activity will you do this Easter?

To sum things up, Easter can take on many forms, from bunnies to bells, chocolate, or even holiday escapes. But no matter the topic, gift guides are a unique way to enrich your database while spotlighting specific products or services. 

Are you looking to make your own gift guide? Use the personality test with conditional branching format to get started!

Take a look at our example, where we’ve crafted a guide to assist parents in choosing fun activities to do with their children over the Easter break. And keep in mind that you can direct participants to your website at the end of the questionnaire to boost your conversion opportunities.


6. User example: LolaLiza’s Easter wheel of fortune

Do you have exciting prizes or discounts to give out to your consumers? Try elevating your Easter marketing campaigns with a wheel of fortune

Check out LolaLiza’s campaign from last year, in which every spin of the wheel guaranteed a win! Participants had to spin the wheel to discover their surprise. What was the grand prize? A €100 discount voucher for LolaLiza’s e-shop.

And to ensure fairness, the brand restricted spins to once a day per participant, ensuring everyone got a chance to win 😍

GIF LolaLiza's wheel of ortune

April isn’t just about Easter! With Spring kicking in, your brand can leverage many international days and events to boost its performance. If you want to take advantage of all the upcoming events this year, download our marketing calendar 2024!

Dive right in and explore our non-Easter marketing campaign ideas!

5 innovative marketing campaign ideas for spring and international days

1. Sudden death quiz: growing smart

You’re convinced quizzes are a fantastic method to engage your audience and collect data, but are seeking a more unique approach to achieve your goals? Our sudden death quiz format might be what you are looking for!

Since spring is the prime planting season for most crops, why not launch a quiz to test participants’ gardening knowledge? The sudden death quiz format adds an extra layer of challenge — one wrong answer, and it’s game over! 


2. “Smash it!”: prank party

Do you want to elevate your seasonal marketing campaigns? Try a “smash it!” game to engage your audience and add some fun! 

This format is accessible via your Qualifio account with the advanced formats add-on. And because we know just how important your time is, you will also find templates to create your campaign in just a few clicks!

Now it is your turn to play! Try our April Fool’s Day game and stick as many paper fish on the teacher’s back as possible. But beware! He can’t see you 🤫

3. Obstacle run: International Carrot Day

If you’re into arcades, chances are you’ve already played obstacle run games. With our advanced formats, you can now craft your very own digital version! 

“Carrots make you nice”, they say. If you are an adept of the vegetable or simply like to leverage international days in your marketing strategy, International Carrot Day is one you might want to use this spring!

In our example, we created a game where a farmer must harvest his carrots while dodging the bunnies! 


4. Swap & match: the spring fling

Swap & match games have been highly successful in the last 10 years chances are, everyone has played one at least once. 

Picture the potential of incorporating this game into your marketing strategy. And with our add-on, it is possible! 

Spring is the season of flowers, animals and Easter! That is a lot of possibilities to exploit for a swap & match game. Check out our spring-themed example 🌼


5. Quiz click on image: real or replica? 

As we already mentioned, the possibilities with quizzes are endless! Yet, they’re frequently associated with multiple-choice questions.

If this is not your cup of tea, don’t worry, you can still leverage quizzes differently. For example, here we decided to spotlight international art day by creating a quiz for all the art enthusiasts. The goal is to find which of the two art pieces is the real one!

Are you interested in launching a marketing campaign with a similar quiz? Try out our quiz format and choose the “click on image” answer option in the “questions” section!


Drumroll, please! Get ready to captivate your audience, collect valuable data and boost your sales with those 12 egg-citing 2024 spring and Easter marketing campaign ideas. 

Need more inspiration? Check out our past articles exploring the same theme! And if you’ve got a brilliant campaign idea that’s not on our catalogue, contact our talented Studio team, brainstorm together and make it happen! 🚀

Coming soon… The maze muncher


Yes, you heard it right. Another game will be joining the advanced format family soon 🥳

What’s the game, you wonder? Well, it’s based on one of the all-time favourite arcade classics that have entertained people for generations. But we’ll let the Easter-themed example do the talking! 

Here’s a little hint… The goal? Catch as many lost objects as possible while dodging the bad guys.