Summer 2013: New features available in Qualifio!

Summer holidays are nearly over… and we have been working hard on a couple of improvements on Qualifio Manager. Discover all of those hereunder:

Default sort order of your campaigns

In the home page of your Manager, campaigns have always been presented based on the end date of the campaign. This was not very handy as long-term campaigns were always showing on top of the list.
On Monday September 2nd at 14h00 (CET), we will change the default order: campaigns will be displayed based on the creation date: the last created campaigns appear on top.This will apply to all campaigns created after Monday 14h00. We added a selector to choose the sort order : display on last created campaign or end date of publication.

Adapt Exit screen based on the score

At the Exit screen, you now have the possibility to add a custom message which will vary from the score obtained by the participant in the quizz. For example, based on his/her results you can describe a player as “Expert in English soccer” or “Beginner” etc…with a picture and a description. How does it work ? At the bottom of the Exit screen, you will have the possibility to display a complementary message, based on the score :

After clicking on this button, create your score brackets and fill the messages based on each score bracket.

Easily detect if your winners already won before

When you draw winners in the Stats module, you can now

  • only select winners who have never won before (or last week, month, year…)
  • see a warning if they have ever won before (and the number or prizes they have won)

Remember, in the CRM record of a participant, you can consult all participations and all prizes won by any of your participants.

See if someone else is working on your campaign

In the back office, if a colleague of yours is simultaneously working on the same campaign than you, a warning will be displayed :

Use {title} in your Google Analytics tags and other tags

To make your tag dynamic, you can now use thevariable in your GA tag or any tag you want to add in Qualifio Manager.

Display a “Play again” button

Choose to display a “Play again” button on the Exit Screen. You can control this via Settings > Limit the number of participations.


What is Qualifio?

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