Qualifio & Heartbleed

You might have heard about The Heartbleed Bug since a few days. The Heartbleed Bug is an internet-wide security vulnerability linked to OpenSSL. Read more.

At Qualifio, we take your personal informations very seriously. We would like to assure you that the infrastructure of Qualifio has been verified : our IIS web servers are not affected by Heartbleed and this vulnerability does not affect the Manager & the Player.

There is no risk with Qualifio and you do not need to change your password, even if we always recommend to change it frequently. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional question.


What is Qualifio?

Qualifio is the leading platform for interactive marketing and data collection. It allows you to easily create and publish viral content (quizzes, contests, surveys and 50+ other formats) to all your channels.Learn more