Qualifio 4.0: A brand new manager

Qualifio 4.0

A few weeks after the 3.5 release, we’re excited to announce Qualifio Manager 4.0! This update introduces a new look & feel for the entire platform as well as 3 new very cool features!

1. Qualifio Manager : new look & feel

We have re-designed our beloved Qualifio Manager. The platform got a serious lifting in order to improve your online experience while creating your campaigns with Qualifio.

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2. Reporting of your email activities

If you’re sending emails with Qualifio (virality, thank you mails, winners’ notifications…), you’ll be glad to discover our new e-mail reporting module. Measure how many emails were sent but also get data about open and click rates. The E-mailing report is available in the Stats module.

3. Points Weighting

In a quiz, some questions are often more difficult than others and therefore deserve more points : you can now determine how many points is the correct answer worth (it used to be 1 per default). Or you can also give more points to some answers in a pronostic games. Or you can organise a test where a final score will be given, based on the answers given by the participant. It is easy, just determine the number of points that an answer is worth.

4. Advent calendar editing

Christmas is coming! A small upgrade allows you to quickly personalize all doors of your Advent calendar (closed, opened or mouse over). Customize it day by day or mass-edit all doors.

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