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3 new features

New features are available in Qualifio Manager from Tuesday, April 29th.

Incentive Facebook Shares

Incentivized sharing options

Getting viral is your goal? Good point. In order to boost the share-rate of your campaign, we’ve added the possibility to reward members of your communities who grow your reach through Facebook shares. Immediately when they share it or later when their friends participate. When it is rewarded, the participant can win either additional points, additional chances in the draw, a chance to give an additional answer to the tiebreaker question, or the opportunity to play again immediately. All those features are managed in the “Virality” step in the Qualifio Manager.


Prediction campaign example

Sporting events, awards… Let your web users predict a result in advance! Once the event is over, enter the results in the “Questions” step and the Statistics module will give you the names of the participants who were the closest to the correct results. A prediction type of campaign always requires identification (users must register to participate).

How to create a great prediction campaign

Campaign Type Selection Wizard


In order to simplify the campaign creation process, we just created a new wizard to help our lovely users select the campaign type they need! To see it, just login to the Qualifio Manager and click on the “Create a new campaign” orange button. You’ll then be able to select a Type of campaign, then a campaign format, and finally whether you want an anonymous or identified campaign. The wizard will send you to the typical “Do it in X steps” process that you already know.


What is Qualifio?

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