November Digital Recap

Did you skip your digital news duty in november? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can make up for it by reading this article 😉

Twitter officially expands its characters count to 280

The revolution’s here: tweets can now be twice as long for everyone. The frustration of having to cram your thoughts into a small space is now officially a thing of the past!

twitter digital news

With this long characters limit, Twitter hopes to help users express themselves and reduce time spent editing tweets. In a blog post, Twitter revealed that 9% of tweets in English hit the character limit, which reflects the challenge of keeping a thought within the limit authorized. The previous limit to 140 characters was a major cause of frustration for some users, who went as far as discarding the tweet all together.

However, the user experience should not be much perturbed, as only 5% of all tweets exceeded 140 characters during Twitter’s testing phase.

Snapchat unveils its redesigned interface

An interface change may be disturbing for the users, and the newest Snapchat update (the most important since the app launch in 2011) will be no exception.

Snapchat digital news

At first sight, nothing new: the main screen still takes you directly to the camera. But now, the left screen will be dedicated to the snaps and stories of your friends, while the right one will display public stories by the media, celebrities and influencers.

Having some growing pains, Snapchat hopes to simplify its mobile app, and thus attract new users by being more comprehensible and easier for everyone to grasp. Coming on December 4.

Facebook launches new customer chat website plugin

Facebook Messenger just introduced a chat plugin that can be integrated on any website.  This feature will allow businesses to improve the customer experience: the chat plugin will automatically load recent chat history between the person and the business, meaning recent interactions will be visible at all times.

An interesting feature that will certainly relieve many clients services. Yes, Facebook is everywhere, even where we do not expect it!

Facebook Messenger digital news

Do you know the ePrivacy regulation?

With so much noise surrounding GDPR, it’s easy to forget about the EU ePrivacy Regulation. Just as the GDPR, this new text aims at reinforcing data protection and aligning privacy rules across EU member states. Yet those two are not to be confused: the ePrivacy Regulation focuses mainly on cookies and well-known (sometimes annoying) banners that web users face on nearly every website. An initiative that could become a nightmare for the digital media and advertising industries…

In: the Swiper format

The Tinder-like Swiper format is the new trend, and French newspaper Le Monde with its mobile app La Matinale, Volkwagen and even Sephora have already embraced it.

Qualifio also expands its interactive content formats with the Swiper. In tests, quizzes and polls, it’s now possible to simply swipe left or right on a picture in order to answer the question. A mobile-first format that our users already love!

Mobile first Swiper formats

Chrome starts blocking annoying website redirects

Google it.

You’re happily surfing the Internet, when suddenly you get trapped into a redirects loop loading new pages that attempt to install malwares… such a terrible situation. Well, it is now a thing of the past with the latest update of Google Chrome (version 64). Over the next couple of months, the browser should start blocking various types of unwanted redirects, simply indicating that a junky redirection has been blocked. This is good news!


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