New features in Qualifio

Create a DJ contest thanks to an embed in photo galleries

You want to organise a DJ Contest where your participants must upload their picture and a SoundCloud embed ? You want to have a gallery with the picture of a football player and a Youtube video of the most beautiful goal of his career? With or without a vote? It’s now possible with Qualifio!

Thanks to this new feature, participants will now have the opportunity to answer with an embed that they can upload by themselves. Of course, you keep all the advantages of a photo contest : moderation, different voting processes, different types of galleries etc.

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Send your message to your girlfriend, father, etc.

You can now decide to send the end of campaign’s email to another email address that the one of the participant. This will give you the opportunity to create a Valentine’s day contest where the participants will be able to send an email to their boy/girl-friend with a personalized text and/or a picture. Above all, it’s very easy, you just need to ask this second email address in the form and to assign it to a new custom variable.

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Include variables in the redirection URL

Do you already use the variables to personalize your campaigns in the exit screen or in your emails? You can now use the variables in your redirection pages. A simple way to transfer the data collected in Qualifio to your website.

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What is Qualifio?

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