Why you should create “User Generated Content” contests

Editor’s note: In January 2019, we decided to give an update to this post. It was completely revamped and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
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User-Generated Content is a must have in an Inbound Marketing strategy. Brands create a dialogue with their audiences, the consumer isn’t passive regarding the marketing message, he participates to the brand image’s creation.

There are two kinds of UGC: the first one is organic, created by the clients and prospects (social media posts, blog articles, pictures shared on the web,…) The second one can be incentivised by the brands (contests and giveaways can be great incentives for example).

Why promote UGC?

It’s free content

In content or inbound marketing strategy, content is obviously the king. The only issue is that its creation is time-consuming… and time is money! User-generated content is almost free…

An example:
Pedigree – Dog of the month: thanks to this monthly campaign, Pedigree (via BBDO) ask their audience to share pictures of their dogs, these pictures are some great pieces of content that they can use and share on their social media channel.

pedigree dog of the month marketing

It’s honest and trustable content

User-generated content is honest and trustable. It was even proven that Millennials trust UGC 50% more than other media.

It’s viral content

This kind of content is viral, especially when users have to collect as many votes as possible. Each time they share their picture, video,… to get more votes, your brand is mentioned and exposed to your participant’s community.

It connects the online and the offline

Another opportunity is to connect the offline and online worlds. A strategy such as the one of Michel and Augustin launched with their photo contest is a great example: they drive web visits from the stores and store visits from the web.

michel augustin marketing


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