How to create a qualified emailing database


Create an emailing database of qualified leads

A shoe store asked for the shoe size & postal code of each participant in the customised form of a recent contest. During their latest destocking, they were able to send the information to people who indeed have big feet! And here, the emailing starts to become very powerful.

As marketers, emailing is one of the easiest tools we have… when we follow the known best practices! With Mailchimp, Mailjet, iContact, and other emailing platforms, we have access to templates, powerful edition platform, KPIs and we avoid basic mistakes. But before all this, we all asked ourselves the same question: to whom am I going to send my emails? Buying a database of 10.000 leads? Forget it. Today, new words exist around emailing: targeting, content, quality, opt-ins.

In terms of database, we go for quality instead of quantity. In order to create those qualitative databases and generate opt-ins, nothing is more efficient than an online contest/sweepstake!

With a contest, you will

  • Generate opt-ins to grow you leads database;
  • Ask your leads the information you really need;
  • Sort your leads to target your daily communication;
  • Create a second contact channel beside organic reach on Facebook, for example.

Need an example?

Let’s imagine a quiz contest on your Facebook page. To boost participations, you’ll offer a in-store discount coupon to the winners.

At the end of your campaign, you’ll collect data over each participant via a customized form, based on the information YOU are looking for. In the example above, typically, shoe-size.

With a soft gate, each participant will have the opportunity to like your page. You are growing your Facebook organic reach and have now two channels to directly communicate with these leads: social media and email.

You can also incentivize participants by offering them the opportunity to gain more chances to win if they share.

Your prize? A voucher

Or at least something directly linked to your core business, products, services… not an iPad if you are working for a shoe store. People who will play will directly be interested in your product/services. It’s your first qualitative data sorting in your profiles collection.

What’s the next step?

A unique profile will be created for each participant: as soon as they come back for another campaign, their profile sheet will be updated and new pieces of information will be added. You can thus qualify your audience and grow your knowledge of your community.

All the data can be exported in .csv/.xls or directly synchronized with your CRM through a SSO (Single Sign-On). Your sales funnel is alive and nurtured with qualified leads. You’re now ready to enter the game: create simple and converting emailings that provide a real benefit to your targets.


What is Qualifio?

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