Buzzfeed-like quizzes available in Qualifio!

Buzzfeed-like campaigns in Qualifio

For the last months, Buzzfeed has been extremely successful in attracting large audiences around the world, thanks to popular, interactive, entertaining, and extremely viral content. Another reason for this success is the popularity of its quizzes and personality tests in general. This type of content is always fun and entertaining. Plus, the user interface is often light and easy-to-use. Qualifio has made a couple of adaptations on its platform to make all these BuzzFeed formats 100% possible.

  • What’s your favorite animal ?
  • You don’t resist to…
  • What do you enjoy most ?
  • Do you prefer to work… ?

How to create Buzzfeed-like campaigns in Qualifio

To create these on Qualifio, simply select one of the three types of campaigns:

Quizzes, competitions, predictions & instant wins > Quiz & Competition with questions > One Page with images

Surveys, battles, votes, enquiries and personality tests > Personality tests > One Page with images

Surveys, battles, votes, enquiries and personality tests > Polls & votes > One Page with images

For checklists, just select our new type of campaign “Checklist” in the category “Surveys, votes, enquiries and personality tests” and choose type of questions with or without images. In the exit screen, display the number of checked answers (with the variable “score”) and display a specific message for specific levels of score

As Qualifio is the most powerful audience engagement platform on the market, these formats can be combined with all rich Qualifio features like :

  • Participants’ identification with custom forms, Facebook Connect, your own Single Sign-On;
  • All virality mechanisms;
  • Publication on multiple channels;
  • Personalization of all screens, messages, etc;
  • Use of your own audience tags;
  • Etc.




What is Qualifio?

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