Love is in the air, and Cupid is prepping his arrows – Valentine’s Day 2024 is coming! After last year’s love season ended, it’s time to dive back into the romantic spirit! And beyond the clichés of cute teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolates, this is also a golden marketing opportunity! As couples and singles are getting ready to celebrate the season of affection, it is time for your brand to shine and connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

And there’s more! By creating engaging content with interactive marketing campaigns tied to the season of love, you will win your audience’s hearts and collect valuable first- and zero-party data!

So explore our marketing campaign ideas to make Valentine’s Day 2024 unforgettable for your brand and audience!

Valentine’s Day 2024: 8 creative and Cupid-approved campaigns

1. Catcher game: ring rush 

For those eager to highlight the romantic side of Valentine’s Day this year, we have a reminder for you: it is the most popular day to get engaged! 

So why not add a playful touch to your campaigns by involving your audience in a catcher game?

You can access our catcher game through the advanced formats add-on, an optional upgrade for your current license. This paid add-on will offer you exclusive games that will elevate your campaigns. Get in touch with us for more details!

Now, get ready; it is your turn to play! Click below on the game and try to catch as many engagement rings as possible in one minute. Who will become a fiancé this season? 😜

2. Gift guide: be original!

As we said before, promoting the “gooey” side of Valentine’s Day can grab attention, but they also risk feeling a bit cliché. To ensure your Valentine’s Day 2024 campaign stands out, originality is the way to go! 

What better way to captivate your audience than by showcasing your top products in a gift guide? This will boost your sales and easily integrate into your seasonal marketing strategy. It is the perfect way to increase your revenue while collecting valuable data.

Check out our example in which we created a guide to find original gift ideas based on the participants’ loved ones’ interests. And ensure a seamless transition from inspiration to purchase by including a compelling CTA that leads them straight to your products ✨


3. Wheel of fortune: bubbles & besties

Elevate your Valentine’s Day 2024 audience engagement and gather valuable first-party data with a wheel of fortune!

This user-friendly format is easily customisable and allows your audience to win activities, products and/or exclusive discounts. Alternatively, you can use it to engage your audience and let the wheel decide their next TV show, recipe, or sport.

Ready to play? In our wheel of fortune, we’re celebrating the love between friends. Give it a spin to reveal the special activity you’ve won for you and your pals this Valentine’s Day! 🎡

4. Smash-it: ex-terminator

Shake things up with a smash-it! game – a popular choice to boost your campaigns. Beyond being entertaining, it’s an excellent way to engage your audience and meet multiple objectives, including data collection.

Also accessible through your Qualifio account with the advanced formats add-on, you’ll discover a range of templates for easy campaign creation in just a few clicks! Imagine building your own version of a “whack-a-mole” game!

This Valentine’s Day 2024, we’re breaking traditions with an anti-V-Day campaign. Don’t leave anyone out! Make sure your marketing strategy includes everyone and also the Valentine’s Day haters. 


5. Digital cards: click & love

Who doesn’t love getting a sweet note from someone special, whether it’s family, a partner, or friends? Make Valentine’s Day 2024 memorable! Create a digital card template to engage your audience, letting them send heartfelt messages to their favourite person.

And guess what? These digital card templates aren’t just for Valentine’s Day – they work for all kinds of celebrations like Christmas, birthdays, and more (if you need inspiration take a look at our marketing campaigns (ideas for international days)).

Our example showed off a love note template for people to send some affection to their special someone. You can also easily make your own template with your Qualifio account and a little help from our awesome Studio team. Intrigued? Don’t hesitate to reach out — we’re here to make it happen! 💖


6. Photo upload: spread the love

You can also transform your customer engagement dynamics by incorporating photo uploads in your campaigns, which is easily achievable with our quiz format. For example, this is great if you need to promote your physical stores. Imagine your customers sharing pictures of their receipts after shopping, scoring more loyalty points!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day 2024, we believe that love should extend to all. Knowing that people in need may struggle to feel loved sometimes, why not get your customers in on a good cause? In our campaign example, we ask people to upload their receipts after a shopping trip. Part of their spending will go to helping others. It’s a great way to spread love beyond close circles and make a positive impact together! 🌟


7. Quiz: sweet talks

Quizzes are among the most popular ways to engage your audience and collect valuable first-party and zero-party data. Tailor them for any occasion— whether it is for a special event or to add some fun to your campaigns!

So, for Valentine’s Day 2024, we crafted a quiz about famous love quotes from famous TV shows! And if you want to spice up the challenge, you can bring it up a notch by adding a timer for each question!


8. Swiper: top or flop? V-Day edition

Are you exploring quiz options for Valentine’s Day 2024? If traditional quizzes seem “too boring,” consider our swiper format for a fresh, engaging twist! 

Pick a topic, add questions, banger visuals, and personalise buttons and the look and feel to create a dynamic campaign. To answer your questions, participants will simply need to swipe left or right! 

You can also boost engagement on your exit screen with a compelling CTA guiding participants to your website 🤩


Explore our V-Day example, where participants weigh in on their favourite and least favourite gifts for the love season!
Ta-da! Unleash the love with these 8 Valentine’s Day 2024 campaign ideas to engage your audience, collect data, and boost your sales. Do you need more inspiration? Dive into our past articles on the same topic! And if you have an amazing campaign idea but can’t find it in our catalogue, contact us and let’s see what we can work out! 🚀

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