Qualifio users were already able to easily create skill games such as a memory, a puzzle or a guess the word. We’re happy to announce that we have launched the “Advanced Formats” add-on enabling users to create new types of games for the greatest pleasure of their audience!

Level up your campaigns with our “Advanced Formats” add-on

At Qualifio, we believe that the future of digital marketing lies in zero-party data collection and that interactivity is the best way to get it. We have built more than 50 interactive formats to help our users engage their audience and collect qualitative data. But we wanted them to be able to bring their interactive marketing and data collection campaigns to the next level by adding new arcade and skill games to our catalogue.

This is why we launched our “Advanced formats” add-on. To be able to meet our customers’ expectations to access more new formats and offer unique experiences to their communities, we had to develop a new game editor. And that’s what we’ve done. 

With the new game editor, we’ll be able to quickly create and add new advanced formats to our catalogue, which was more difficult before. And, as a Qualifio customer, you will be able to easily create more gamified experiences and make a difference – no coding needed!

The different games available in our “Advanced Formats” add-on

So far, the games that are part of the “Advanced Formats” add-on are:

  • The catcher
  • The penalty
  • The swap & match
  • The obstacle run
  • The repeat it!
  • The smash it!
  • The maze muncher

Our ambition is to continuously feed this add-on with more innovative and original games and to deliver 3 new advanced formats per year.

1. The catcher game

You have probably all seen the catcher game in our catalogue. In fact, this format was first released as a Studio-only game, available on demand, to test the format itself and our clients’ interest for such formats. But that meant that our users couldn’t build it on their own in Qualifio… Today, thanks to our new game editor, they can! 

The catcher game is a fun game that requires participants to catch the good falling objects and avoid the bad ones. Users can now create it directly in Qualifio and customise the colours, falling objects or anything they want to match their brand’s identity.

If you want to have more info about this arcade game, we have an article explaining in detail all the possibilities of the catcher.

2. The penalty game

The penalty game allows participants to play football and train their shooting skills. The aim of the game is simple: they have to beat the goalkeeper and score penalties to win. You can customise the background, the ball, the goalkeeper, add an obstacle, and upload your own sound effects to create the perfect game.

3. The swap & match game

The swap & match is like a Candy Crush game where participants need to swap objects to make a row or a column of at least three identical objects and earn points.

4. The obstacle run

The obstacle run is a fun and fast-paced running game that requires participants to run and avoid obstacles using sliding movements. In this version, the game is observed from above.

5. The repeat it! game

Participants to this game have to memorise the sequence of images and repeat it. It starts off easy, but suspense builds as sequences get longer. Once the participant fails too many times or the time limit runs out, the game is over.

6. The smash it! game

The name says it! Smash it! is a classic game where participants must smash multiple items as they peek out of different holes (before they disappear). However, they must be careful not to smash those items with negative effects.

7. The maze muncher

Munch on all the dots within the maze to secure victory, and devour bonus items to boost your score. However, stay sharp – you’ll be pursued, so avoid capture at all costs! This engaging format will increase the time your audience spends on your channels.

As you can see, we’re working hard to enable our customers to deliver the best interactive experiences for their communities to:

  • Gamify their website
  • Create brand stickiness
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Stand out from competitors

And all that, with no technical skills needed and at lower cost! 

How to access these new formats? 

These formats are available as an add-on to your licence. This means that to be able to create one of these games on your own, you will need to pay an additional fee to your licence, except for Platinum licenses for which the add-on is included.

We currently have a special offer for existing Qualifio users. Contact us for more information.