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Escape game

In this thrilling and exciting game, participants must find clues and solve tricky riddles to “escape” within time. The game lets participants type in an answer which is validated instantly, making it easy to provide them with the opportunity to “redo” the question.

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Key features

  • Different question and answer formats (click on an image, checkboxes, text fields, dropdown lists, etc.)
  • Identified or anonymous participation
  • Advanced winners’ management
  • Illustrate questions with media from your computer, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Display scores and winners
  • Fully customisable

To create an escape game, you need to use the instant answer check format. Discover how to make a quiz question with an instant check.

In addition to escape games, you can create many other quizzes with the instant check like sports, music, picture, food or movie quizzes.

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