Let’s go for some Mother’s Day promotion ideas to interact with your audience and collect data! In this article, you will find a total of 10 original campaign ideas that you can use to blow the mind of the mums in your community, but not only.

If you like one of the campaigns below and would like to launch it for your audience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Let’s start with 7 Mother’s Day promotion ideas

1. Repeat it! – Repeat the flower bouquet

If you want to increase your brand’s visibility and your audience’s engagement, try the Repeat it! game. For Mother’s Day, we came up with the idea of a game around flowers. The game’s objective is to watch the sequence of flowers and repeat them. This fun game will challenge your audience to come out on top.

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The Repeat it! game is available via the Studio only. If you want to create this game for your audience, get in touch with one of our project managers.

2. Shell game – Baby on board!

You all know that newborn babies are often depicted with a stork. This inspired us for Mother’s Day! We have imagined a shell game where participants need to guess which stork is carrying the baby. An easy to create game that will engage your community!


3. Hidden object – Where did the child go?

All children have got lost at least once in a mall or a supermarket. And that’s precisely why we’ve thought of a hidden object campaign where participants need to find where the child is. So what’s the best part about this game? You are entirely free to personalise it by choosing the place of your choice!


4. Wheel of fortune – What should you read next?

The wheel of fortune is a fun format to engage your community and is also very popular as users find out immediately if they have won something or not.

We have used this format to suggest new reading ideas in the example below. Users have to spin the wheel to find out what book they should read next. You are free to create a wheel of fortune for each theme (detective, science fiction, etc.) or create one wheel of fortune for all the different themes. You can also use the exit screen to give a summary of the book.

5. Gift guide – The fragrance guide

It can sometimes be tricky finding a gift idea for your mother. That’s why we decided to create a gift guide to offer personalised gift recommendations. We made one with perfumes, but you can create a gift guide around the topic of your choice: books, trips, clothes, etc. Each participant has to answer different questions to find their ideal perfume according to their preferences. Then, when displaying the results, don’t hesitate to add links to your products to encourage sales.


6. Photo editor – Double Trouble!

Let your users share a photo that shows their resemblance to their mum. But that’s not all! With the photo editor, allow your community to edit their pictures for the occasion by adding design elements such as frames, hearts, emojis, and more.


7. Personality test – Which activity should you do with your mum?

The personality test is one of our most popular formats as it allows you to know more about your users and segment them. And because we know that ideas for activities to do with your mum can be helpful, we decided to create a test helping users find the ideal activity that will make their mum happy. Then, select the questions, determine different activities and suggest locations for each activity. Of course, you are free to customise this game entirely, so let your imagination run wild!


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Mother’s Day promotion ideas from our customers

Mother’s Day campaign ideas it’s good, but we also have some real-life examples of campaigns to show you, launched by our users to engage their community. Find out how HandbalNL and Dr.Oetker used interactive content to celebrate mums

1. HandbalNL’s photo contest

Last year, the Netherlands Handball Association launched a photo contest asking participants to upload a photo of themselves and their mum during a handball match to win two national team shirts with both their names printed on them. The winners were also invited to the next game. When uploading the picture, participants had to rate their favourite player and they also had the opportunity to sign up for the association’s newsletter. A great campaign idea that you can use to engage your audience.


2. Dr. Oetker Mother’s Day campaigns

Be inspired by the campaigns made by Dr. Oetker. For example, to celebrate mothers, Dr. Oetker launched a compliment generator. The objective was to enable users to send a lovely message to their mother and try to win one of the 30 “Maman Chérie” Bongo vouchers. And why not print the compliment on the pizza box for the first 50 participants!


For Pancake Day, Dr. Oetker challenged consumers to take part in a video contest in partnership with Center Parcs. The campaign’s objective was simple: make pancakes, film yourself showing off your pancake flipping skills and publish your video on the dedicated website. We wanted to highlight this campaign because of its originality, not to mention the whole gallery full of super fun videos. So why not launch a contest like this for your brand?


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