You have probably already heard of this hybrid marketing strategy that mixes the physical and digital worlds, called “phygital”. 

Today, many companies are breaking down the barriers between retail and e-commerce for the benefit of their customers and their growth. They aim to create unified customer experiences by removing the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, which are ultimately linked and in constant interaction. 

With phygital campaigns, a whole new world of promising strategies is now available to companies. An opportunity that the brand Clarins intends to seize to serve their ambition. For the French company specialising in skincare and make-up, linking the physical and digital worlds is a key objective and a challenge.

We want to focus on digitalising the in-store customer experience, supporting our customers in this digitalisation and showing them the value it has for them. Using Qualifio helps us to get closer to our customers through games and to better understand their needs through surveys and data collection.

Bertille Dagay CRM Manager @ Clarins

With a target audience of an average of 45 years old, who are not necessarily digital natives, Clarins’ approach to this digitalisation is multi-faceted:

1️⃣ Accompanying customers in-store towards digital and making their experience more fluid
2️⃣ Building loyalty amongst existing customers by refining customer knowledge, in-store and online
3️⃣ Bringing in-store customers or prospects captured online


In this case study, you will learn about the actions implemented by Clarins with Qualifio to engage their existing customers, attract new ones and collect valuable data, both in-store and online ⬇️