If you have been following us for a while, you are likely familiar with our tradition of celebrating the end of each year with a retrospective. In these retrospectives, we aim to gather the most significant moments, events and figures from the past year. We reflect on them with pride, emotion and a genuine sense of accomplishment. These retrospectives are our way of honouring the success and the growth we’ve experienced together.

You may have also noticed that each year at Qualifio brings a lot of surprises, events, and, of course, celebrations. Well, spoiler alert: 2023 respected the tradition. What an incredible year it has been!

In terms of net growth, 2023 marks the best year in Qualifio’s history while maintaining our profitability.

Quentin Paquot CEO @ Qualifio

A word from our CEO

“It has been a special year in many different ways. In January, we started serious discussions with the QNTM Group, which Qualifio officially joined in May. The relocations of our offices to the QNTM Houses in Louvain-la-Neuve, Barcelona, and Paris marked a period of change. But we showed great adaptability and efficiency.

In terms of net growth, 2023 was the best year in Qualifio’s history while maintaining our profitability. Qualifio continues to grow and adapt in a rapidly changing world. Many predict a challenging year in the MarTech sector in 2024, but I am convinced that we will continue performing, with exciting and innovative projects ahead.

There will be challenges, but we are confident. Our clients are evolving each day. They are becoming more mature and demanding in their first- and zero-party data collection strategies, and we remain present for them. We will continue our journey with ambition, commitment, and humility, ready to face the challenges of the next 12 months.”

A year of changes and growth

As you already know, something big happened at Qualifio in 2023, as we integrated the QNTM Group, an ecosystem of best-of-breed companies in the AdTech and MarTech sectors. Their mission is to provide brands and their marketing teams with the best platforms on the market, in order to increase their revenue.

This wasn’t a small move. But we are proud to be part of the QNTM network, including 7 companies with more than 650 employees and offices across Europe! This big change marked a new chapter in Qualifio’s history, as joining the QNTM group will boost growth and innovation. We reorganised ourselves and proved once again that everything is possible when working together. 

A year that can’t be grasped without you and your engagement

Once again, we have pushed our limits and reached new heights this year! However, all our achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the engagement of our passionate communities.

On the one hand, our existing and new clients trusting us and engaging their audiences daily with Qualifio, and on the other hand, our wonderful team with 18 newcomers. They are the engine of our success, bringing fresh perspectives and talent to improve our product.

On top of that, the synergies with our partners and all companies within the QNTM Group have been crucial in building meaningful collaborations and fostering constant innovation.

Let’s dive in! What happened in 2023?

It’s time for us to speak a little less, and for you to finally dive into our retrospective. We hope you’ll enjoy catching a glimpse of our year filled with changes, accomplishments and important moments. 

The highlights of 2023

If we had to sum up the story of 2023 at Qualifio in a few words, it would probably go like this: 

This year marked a significant milestone as we joined the QNTM group, making it the biggest event in 2023. We also achieved an amazing year-over-year growth of 20% and welcomed 73 new clients to the platform

Our users created 83,554 interactive campaigns, with 7 participations per second, reaching a total of 214,591,763 participations and engaging 23,653,678 participants. All while maintaining 100% GDPR compliance!

In terms of innovation, we designed and unveiled a brand-new interface. We introduced 37 new features, including the AI question generator. Three new advanced formats were also developed: the smash-it, the repeat-it! and the obstacle run games.

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service didn’t fail this year. We successfully handled 7,000 helpdesk tickets, responded in less than 10 minutes and solved them in a maximum of 10 hours, earning an amazing 98.2% satisfaction rate from our clients.

Throughout the year, our studio team delivered 260 projects. Our marketing team published 114 articles on our blog and recorded 9,000 downloads of our marketing calendar. We also actively participated in 9 events to pitch Qualifio and enhance our visibility.

Our community, as always, thrived, welcoming 18 talented new colleagues, celebrating 2 weddings and the arrival of 2 babies, and nurturing a stunning team spirit through a memorable 2-day team-building in Durbuy.

Like every year, our commitment extended beyond the usual business. We crafted 150 gift bags for Saint Nicholas, collected an impressive amount of food during our Impact Month and covered 1,716km during our walking challenge.

To all who contributed to making 2023 one more extraordinary year, thank you! Your engagement and your passion are the pillars of our success. As we step into 2024, here’s to new adventures, laughter, and unforgettable moments on the horizon!

Cheers to an incredible year ahead!