Breaking news: we’re joining the QNTM Group!

It has been announced today that Qualifio is joining the QNTM Group. Based in the Nordics and owned by Altor fund V, QNTM is an ecosystem of best-of-breed companies in the AdTech and MarTech sectors. Their mission is to provide brands and their marketing teams with the best platforms on the market, in order to increase their revenue.

With the addition of Qualifio, the QNTM network includes 7 companies with more than 650 employees and offices across Europe. The platforms within the group will be seamlessly connected while remaining open to integrations with other tools. For example, we are currently improving the native integration between Qualifio and the marketing automation platform Actito to provide brands with a superior solution for customer activation.

With Qualifio’s strong offering in first-party and zero-party data collection, customer engagement and loyalty, QNTM is expanding their ecosystem into an exciting new field and adding great synergies across the group.  

Why did we choose QNTM?

Qualifio was founded 10 years ago and our growth and development since has been amazing, thanks in particular to our prestigious customers all over the world, who have embraced our platform and enabled us to grow and innovate with it. 

When we met QNTM for the first time, we quickly realised that we share the same vision for the future and the same values. So joining the best-of-breed network they’re building was the logical next step in the Qualifio adventure. It means that we will have more resources, more synergies and more possibilities to continue growing and developing our solutions with the other members of the group, providing the best service for our customers. 

Why Qualifio as the newest member of QNTM?

Qualifio’s positioning as a first- and zero-party data collection platform is unique and makes a lot of sense within the QNTM group, as Eivind Roald, CEO of QNTM, explains:

QNTM aims to be the leading best-of-breed platform, and a “go-to” ecosystem for executives, in their need for technology support to increase revenues. When we found Qualifio, with its leading position in the European market and impressive list of clients, we were confident the company and the management would add value to our group, and that QNTM could contribute in developing Qualifio. Together with Actito and Raptor they will be able to support enterprises in more tailor-made marketing communication for higher conversion and become the European alternative to the local and global competitors.

Eivind Roald CEO @ QNTM Group

The future is bright for Qualifio’s customers and partners

For our customers, not a lot will change overnight, you’ll still be working with the same products and the same teams. Our obsession with our customers’ successes will remain the same and we’ll be able to go the extra mile thanks to the support of QNTM. And in the long-term, Qualifio joining the QNTM group will give us access to new resources that will help us to innovate, improve our modules and add new features.

For our partners, we’ll be able to work on a more developed and more advanced partner program, making the most of the impressive amount of experience with this topic within the group.

So we really believe that this is the start of an exciting new journey, with amazing opportunities and synergies ahead for both our customers and partners. 

What will change at Qualifio?

We will continue to be the Qualifio that you love and trust. You will still be working with the same people, and we will keep our values, our identity and our culture. We will remain true to our DNA and will still be totally obsessed with the successes of our customers. 

By joining QNTM we will be stronger tomorrow and we will be able to serve our customers even better. We share the same vision with QNTM and the other partners in the group: providing a European network of best-in-breed solutions for brands to choose from in order to grow their business.

We will also be making the most of the European presence of QNTM. They have a local presence throughout Europe with QNTM Houses in major European cities. These will enable us to get even closer to our customers.

The future? Zero- and first-party data collection!

Everyone at Qualifio is very excited about the future, joining QNTM and the other companies in the group opens up an endless array of opportunities for everyone involved. We’ve seen in the past few months and years the growing importance for brands of collecting first- and zero-party data and Qualifio has a big role to play in this. So we’re excited to see what is to come, as we continue to offer our solutions alongside QNTM and our new partners. 

Do you want to find out more about our new partners? They’re all here! 

  • Actito (marketing automation platform) 
  • Adnami (video and high impact advertising) 
  • Hesehus (e-commerce solution) 
  • Ibexa (digitital experience platform) 
  • Raptor (customer data platform & personalisation) 
  • SeenThis (enable faster delivery of digital advertising)

Please do contact us for an introduction if your have CRM, CDP, activation, e-commerce, advertising projects or discussions!


Quentin Paquot, CEO & Olivier Simonis, co-founder and chairman of the board