Looking back on 2023

First of all, we hope that 2024 has started well for you and that this year has some wonderful surprises in store! Today, we are excited to share an update with you regarding the repositioning of our product packages. It is scheduled for rollout in the first quarter of 2024.

In the past months, we have developed a set of features that will enable you to reward your most loyal prospects and customers through earn and burn mechanisms. These features are aimed at providing them with value when they share their data with your company in a trustworthy and transparent manner. This allows you to reward not only a single Qualifio campaign participation but also recurring participations.

We named it Qualifio Loyalty with the philosophy of rewarding customer interactions with your brands — not just purchases.


“Bons plats, bon karma” is a program rewarding logged-in customers for consuming content (recipes), participating in contests or surveys, following Moulinex on social media, subscribing to the newsletter, etc.


An interactive portal launched during the last worldwide football tournament in Qatar by RTBF. Logged-in members could participate in recurrent quizzes, predictions, and contests to win prizes thanks to sponsors.

For us, Qualifio Loyalty was the perfect next step after updating and cleaning your database, with the consent of the users. It provided value for consumers to share additional information, allowing profile enrichment and segmentation. Essentially, it was a matter of moving from a pure acquisition strategy to an enrichment strategy when you’re ready.


To reflect that, we upgraded the back office to make the link between Qualifio Engage and Qualifio Loyalty more obvious and easier to use.


Released at the end of 2023, the new back office enhances the experience by moving easily from acquisition to enrichment features.

However, we realised that the term “Loyalty” was causing confusion. It led to comparisons with complex loyalty platforms and did not effectively reflect the added value we aimed to bring. That’s why we have devised a new vision to present Qualifio’s offering.

A single platform focusing on data collection

Today, we are taking a step further by removing the names “Engage” and “Loyalty” and returning to Qualifio, the data collection platform. Sometimes, simplicity is all we need!

The Qualifio platform enables marketing teams to get to know their audiences through interactive and gamified experiences. And we’re developing powerful features for this purpose. With Qualifio, you can: 

  1. Collect first-party data from your audience and generate engagement via quizzes, games, polls, contests, and over 50 other interactive formats.
  2. Enrich your database with zero-party data and foster recurring customer interactions via engaging reward programs.

The features to achieve the first step are now classified as our Essential features. Those related to the second point fall under our Plus features. Access to the Plus features is available only to users who are already using our Essential features.

What does it change for you?

Well, nothing changes — no adjustments to your contract, pricing, access, or features compared to your current subscription. However, we believe this will make it easier for you to gradually extend your usage of Qualifio. The licence model for our Plus features reflects this incremental and step-by-step approach. Start small, move fast and expand based on proven successes.

Note that when you add the Plus features to your package, you’ll always need a way to authenticate your users in order to show them your reward programs. This can be done through your customer-facing Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, secure tokens and social logins.

That’s all for today. Our success team, product team, and I remain available for further discussions and questions. Please feel free to contact us! In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see the words “Loyalty” and “Engage” disappearing from our website, platform and support documentation. We’re confident that this change will make your life easier and enhance the clarity of our product vision.

Stay tuned!