For the 22nd edition of the Trends Gazelles, the Trends-Tendances and Trends editorial teams have selected 50 to 250 companies from each Belgian province. These companies, classified by size (small-medium-large), are selected on the basis of real growth figures: added value, personnel and cash flow.

This year, Qualifio has the honour of being the winner and ambassador for the medium-sized companies category in Brabant Wallon. 

“It is a great recognition for us to receive this award”, explains Quentin Paquot, CEO of Qualifio. “The last few years have been strange for many companies, and I am very proud that the hard work of our teams has been recognised. In just a few years, Qualifio has become the leading first-party and zero-party data collection platform for some of the biggest B2C brands in Europe.”

Founded in 2011 in Louvain-la-Neuve, by Olivier Simonis and Serge Rapaille, both from the media world, Qualifio’s first aim was to be an interactive marketing tool for media groups. Designed to enable editorial teams to animate their articles with interactive and entertaining formats (surveys, quizzes, polls, games, etc.), it also enabled them to collect reader data.

The evolution of the consumer market and the digital world in recent years has led many B2C brands to rethink their data collection strategy. They can no longer rely on third-party cookies, acquired against the wishes of consumers, to develop their marketing strategies. Consumers have become increasingly worried and protective of the fate of their personal data, resulting in the development and implementation of new laws and regulations. Designed to create a more respectful and transparent environment with regards to data and consumer rights, these laws, such as the GDPR in Europe or the CCPA in California, are increasingly numerous and restrictive.

It is in this context that the Qualifio tool has thrived over the last 5 years, allowing B2C brands and media groups to collect reliable and consented first- and zero-party data from their audiences, through fun and interactive campaigns. As a result, Qualifio has expanded its client portfolio to include a wide range of sectors, including sports, FMCG, retail and entertainment. Among its more than 400 clients today are l’Oréal, Nestlé, LOSC, RSCA, Total Energies, DPG Media, Rossel, …

Today, Qualifio is the leading platform in Europe for first- and zero-party data collection. Its 2 complementary SaaS modules allow marketing teams to get to know their audiences better:  the over fifty interactive formats (quizzes, competitions, personality tests, surveys, etc.) in Qualifio Engage allow them to create interactions and generate engagement from an audience

These interactive formats are sources of points, which then allow consumers to be ranked, earning levels and badges before exchanging these points for rewards. The second module, Qualifio Loyalty, allows brands to reward their most loyal consumers not only for their purchases, but for all interactions they have with the brand.

“B2C brands have recently become much more aware about matters like the consent and origin of their customer data, positioning Qualifio as an indispensable tool in their digital marketing infrastructure,” continues Quentin. “These brands need more touch points and a closer relationship with their customers to understand their needs and expectations. Thanks to Qualifio and the collection of zero and first-party data, these brands are getting closer to their customers and building a relationship with them based on trust and exchange.” 

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Qualifio currently has almost 80 employees, spread between our offices in Louvain-la-Neuve, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam. We are always looking for new talented colleagues and are recruiting for all our teams: product, marketing, sales, IT, … Curious to know more? Click here to find out more!

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